Write a letter to your children/child or future children/child about what you want them to know about you and your life

$350 in total prize money

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The Rules


Write an open letter  to your children/child or future children/child about what you want them to know about you

Check out some examples on The Unsealed:

This is how I managed to chase my NFL dreams while being a teen father 

This is how loving you changed my life


You must be over 18 and a member of The Unsealed Community. You can sign up for The Unsealed here

*no relatives or employees on The Unsealed are permitted to enter


All Entries must be in by midnight on October, 3rd 2022 Eastern Time

Our finalists will be announced October 17th

Our winners will be announced  November 7th

Letter Requirements

  • Entries must be in English
  • Letter must be typed and submitted below or you can email it to contests@theunsealed.com
  • Letter must be true story about your life
  • The letter can’t mention anyone’s name except yourself (Example: you can call someone a friend, a neighbor, a teammate or a family member but you can’t call them by their name, John Smith).
  • The letter must be original writing from the person submitting the letter
  • The letter must not have been published anywhere else
  • The letter can’t be defamatory toward another person
  • The letter must be 500- 1000 words
  • Only one entry per person
  • Include a headline for your letter and a photo that goes with your story (if there is another person in the photo please get their permission to post)


You will own the rights to your entry but by entering the contest you will give us permission/limited license to publish the letter and any pictures you provide on The Unsealed. You will also allow us to promote your entry on social media using your letter and the provided picture.

How it will be judged

The Unsealed will narrow it down to our finalists  and one winner based on the following:

  • Organization that is logical and effective, is the letter easy to read and understand?
  • Creativity/originality, is there anything that makes this letter unique?
  • Message/insight – does the letter offer a thoughtful message?
  • Impact/Inspirational – is the story powerful and inspirational?
  • Accurately addresses the topic – does this letter share a an inspirational message?


The Unsealed will post the finalists (judged by professional writers). The Unsealed community will  choose 1st place winner based on the above criteria. The Unsealed community will vote on their favorite story for an additional prize. Voting will be counted from October 17 th to November 5th at midnight. Members votes will count 5x as much as readers who are not members.


1st place – $250

2nd place $100 

*We pay via PayPal, Venmo or Zelle

Good Luck!

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