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Join a community that amplifies voices of all races, genders and sexual orientations. Our community encourages a more compassionate and resilient world as we inspire you to get the best out of yourself and the best out of life.


Stories matter. Opening up and sharing your truth – lifting your veil and showing people who you are and how you got here allows you to connect to other people, including potential clients, customers and fans. That’s where we come into the picture. Whether you write a blog or host a podcast, or you are in the process of chasing your dreams, we can help you write, share or edit your story. The only requirements are that your story has an inspirational/positive message and doesn’t speak negatively about someone else. Accompanying your truth, we can further promote your brand by linking your blog, podcast, website, social media, and business.

Also, if you simply want to share your story without promoting anything specifically, we can help you do that as well. 

*Our stories reach a global audience. Many of our stories have been picked up by other media outlets including People, ESPN, TMZ, Yahoo and E! online.


You will be eligible for our contests where you can win prizes and money by sharing your truth. Click here to see our latest contests.

Also, as a member you will be able to vote for the winner of some of our contests.  


You will be able to join our weekly conversations on zoom discussing social issues or resilience. On the show, you can ask questions and make comments directly to our guests and other members. Past guests include:

  • Former NFL head coach Hue Jackson
  • Actor and Former NFL Star Thomas Q. Jones
  • ESPY award winner Eric LeGrand
  • Sports Illustrated Model Christie Valdiserri


For any subscriber who would like to become a better writer, send us your work (as long as it’s not entering one of our competitions) and we will give you feedback and suggestions by phone, zoom or email. Your pick. (max 2,000 words).  After you subscribe, e-mail Lauren@theunsealed.com if you are interested.


For any subscriber who would like a pen pal to share your life’s journey with, The Unsealed would be happy to connect you to other like-minded people. As part of The Unsealed community, you will have an opportunity to personally inspire and be inspired by your writing partner. Your partner may change each month, or may stay the same. Our goal is to connect and raise people up through the art of pen to paper. If you want a pen pal, we ask you to write a letter and respond to a letter each month. 


Weekly, we share stories in the form of open letters of high-profile and everyday people who have faced a variety of challenges and now have hopeful messages to share. As a member of The Unsealed, you will be able to ask our writers for advice and get access to exclusive content. 

You can sign up for The Unsealed at the price of your choosing.

*I (Lauren Brill) started The Unsealed after writing an open letter to sexual assault survivors, telling them about a sexual assault I experienced at 16 years old. Sharing my truth helped me transform what was once my deepest and darkest secret into my superpower. Now, I want to use my superpower to encourage you to discover yours. Sign up today and let truth change your life as we change the world.

A one-time contribution will allow you full access to our site and community for one month. You can share your story, ask for advice or join our conversations. A one-time contribution is NOT a recurring charge. By making a one-time contribution, you will be supporting The Unsealed’s mission to amplify voices of all genders, races and sexual orientations and raise awareness for a variety of issues. Our goal is to create a more inspired, united and compassionate world.


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