Motivational Speaking

How to Turn Secrets into Superpowers

A motivational presentation on resilience

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Lauren Brill provides a dynamic presentation, teaching people about resilience in the face of adversity. In the presentation, Lauren reveals that at age 16, she was drugged and sexually assaulted by two strangers. Using the lessons she’s learned through people she has encountered in her 15-year career as a journalist, she transformed what was once her darkest secret into her superpower. By sharing her story and the stories of those who inspired her, she provides audiences with the tools to manage challenging times.

Key Points

  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Accept the unexpected turns in life
  • Ignore your doubters
  • Become your own hero
  • Have faith in your future
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Give back to others

Lauren Brill changed my life. She is such a powerful woman. The amount of admiration I have for her is just amazing. She’s a survivor and a fighter. I hope to one day be like her. I hope to be a warrior. I love the work that she’s done for not only victims, but also the people who have encountered and defeated major obstacles in their life.

Student, James Logan High School

Lauren Brill brings energy, passion, and inspiration to her presentations. She has a fighting spirit that is tangible when she offers her story and personal experience to any audience. Lauren is a pro that brings preparation and thoughtfulness that trace back to her Columbia University degree; and a candor and honesty about her that can captivate a wide range of personalities. Oberlin College football and our men got better as students, athletes, and people because of Lauren and her work with The Unsealed.

Steve Opgenorth, Head Football Coach Oberlin College (OH)

Lauren came and spoke to our students in grades 6-8 and was fantastic! She held their attention from start to finish as she spoke about overcoming adversity. The stories of real people who overcame such obstacles were amazing for our students to hear and Lauren sharing her own life stories made it even more “real” for the students. It was a great assembly for our students!

Philip Lockwood, Alpine School Vice Principal

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