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    Reflecting on past situations.
    Pinpointing the moment my emotional growth was stunted.
    Premature limitations, numbed from horrific devastations.
    Trama and fear carried on from my childhood nightmare.
    Seeping into my present reality.
    Limiting me from who i was created to be.
    Thoughts that deceived me, into living life as a victim.
    Parents did not defend me, no one to convict him.
    Generational curses, negative impression of how life is.
    Learned behavior through my innocent eyes.
    Created a beautiful monster in me whom i also despised.
    Internally knowing this is not how it was meant to be.
    I sought out for deliverance starting with the core of me.
    A complete transformation starting with my soul.
    A new rhythm to my heartbeat.
    Unmasking the pain, it took healing to change.
    Making my new foundation concrete.
    No longer living with secrets I was told to keep discreet.
    Embracing my journey entirely to live unapologetically me, with unique authenticity.
    Becoming my own first love.
    Claiming victory to rise above.
    Unable to take back mistakes I have already made.
    I focused on the chance to still make a difference each day.
    To love those that thought they were forgotten.
    Those who had no defense.
    Of those who evil came and stole away their innocence.
    To show the ones who never thought genuine love could be true.
    Being cared about and cared for without expecting anything from you.
    A living testimony of a former addict who saw no way out.
    Who thought happiness only came in a dream.
    Into now living life expecting to receive every blessing,
    Proud to be a dopeless hopefiend.
    Signed Silhouette Inkk

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