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    Dear 26 year old Sierra Jade,

    Dear 26 year old Sierra Jade,

    You have finally become your most –
    Queer, black, polyamorous,
    Creative, intense, passionate,
    Deserving, loving, giving,
    Inspired, dedicated, hopeful,
    Honest, open and authentic self.

    It is ten years into the future. We moved to the place of our dreams with the woman we love. Every day, we are encompassed in our culture. We walk into this new world and witness people that look like us, accomplishing goals people that look like us were told they never could.
    They were told their dreams weren’t tangible or obtainable. But they overcame adversity.
    We view them as inspiration, not competition.
    No crabs in a bucket here.
    Simply sisterhood, brotherhood, community, belonging.

    We love where we live and what we do with who. Our aspirations of owning our own daycare has come to fruition. We are also expecting children of our own. And the answer is yes – we did get pregnant at the same time as our partner. You both always imagined having “twins”.
    Your babies growing together – with two mothers to nurture them.
    Two mothers that would never judge them, never shun them.
    Two mothers who didn’t know everything but would never leave unanswered questions.
    Two mothers who didn’t always have the same support but would never repeat the cycle.
    Two mothers that would always love them, always lead them.
    Our queerness will give birth to another generation,
    Another planet, another universe.
    Other-worldly; that’s how it feels.
    Yet somehow, two individuals who weren’t supposed to exist in this space together created it right here – on planet Earth.

    We are currently in great financial standing. It has solved a lot of hardship but it is not what determines our value. We do not define wealth in the ways that we used to. Our wealth is no longer contingent on the amount of money we obtain. Spending time in our own thoughts – alone, is what fills us up the most. It brings us peace. What used to be daunting – a grueling task building a wall between us and growth. Something that sent us into a stupor of sadness, self doubt and seclusion no longer holds such power. We still use therapy as a tool to stay mentally healthy but we no longer rely on our therapist to be a mediator.
    You have now become my favorite person to have a conversation with.
    Because we get each other.
    Finally, I understand you. And I hope I am everything you imagined I’d be.
    I hope you’re proud of us. We deserve everything we desire. And we will achieve and receive it.

    To end this letter, rather than answering the questions plaguing your mind about what the future holds, I’d like to ask you some.
    What does the present you want for yourself – right here, right now?
    Do you want a future similar to the one I’ve described, or something outside of this imaginable realm? Something you dreamed could never be possible?

    Would you still be your most –
    Queer, black, polyamorous,
    Creative, intense, passionate,
    Deserving, loving, giving,
    Inspired, dedicated, hopeful,
    Honest, open and authentic self?

    Would you be you? I hope the answer is infinitely yes.

    With love always

    Sierra Jade, 36 years young

    Voting starts June 1, 2023 12:00am

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