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    Sporting Authenticity

    Dear Tay,

    Two disclaimers about this piece before I shoot my shot: actually, three. This is not a letter to Taylor Swift, not a ploy to be your man, and I am not calling you Tay to embarrass you!

    So, who am I talking about? Two people, Taylor Rooks and Joy Taylor, both of whom are Black women in sports.

    When thinking of these women, I won’t lie, they are very physically attractive and some may claim that this is why they are on TV.

    They recently collaborated, co-hosting their podcast called Two Personal. Rooks and Taylor do a great job at their “daily job”(talking about sports) and giving a voice to others to express themselves.

    In this joint venture, the duo are unfiltered, authentically highlighting the ups and downs of being a minority, especially in the sports world where being judged for superficial characteristics is the norm.

    In the first few episodes, they have discussed topics that are, well… personal.

    The episodes have included subjects such as pregnancy.

    The theme of each episode is not why I am attracted to it, it’s that my personal takeaway is:

    No matter what sport they are covering, the leading story about Tayx2 is not about the work the women do in the sports arena, to me, they portray that being a proud Black woman is what they want people to talk about when the conversation about them starts.

    I’ve stated this before: sports was a way for me to hold my emotions in, and yes, you would be pretty hard-pressed to convince me that the final seconds of a game where the 16 seed has a chance to push off the 1 seed from “the dance floor” (March Madness pun) is not more heart-throbbing than when the final rose is given out in the Bachelor series.

    But the two can co-exist.

    So, thank you Joy and Taylor for showing that talking about the final few seconds of the game does not have to be substituted for talking about the first few seconds of my life. They can be on the same team “dancing” together!

    Much Love & Respect,

    Jake April

    Photo credit: Two Personal Instagram Page

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    • Jake, your admiration and appreciation for Taylor Rooks and Joy Taylor is evident in your letter. You recognize their talent and skills in the sports industry, but more importantly, you value their ability to use their platform to shed light on important issues and give a voice to others. It’s refreshing to see them embrace their identity as proud Black women and encourage conversations about diversity and inclusivity. Keep supporting and celebrating their work.

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      • Jake replied 1 month ago

        @kayjahlorde, thank you for the kind words; it is nice to hear feedback like yours! You ALWAYS make sure to cover ALL aspects of the piece and how it Positively affected you!!

        I appreciate YOU taking the TIME to READ & COMMENT on ALL pieces!

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