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    Thinking about my goals for the new year makes me crouch in my seat when I should sit up straight proud because I got there

    my brain BURSTS mulling over ANY AND EVERY GOAL so I take this time to look at them as a WHOLE

    What do I have to do to complete this puzzle piece that is comprised of EVERY SINGLE GOAL

    Being CONFIDENT and PROUD of what I have done should give me all the reason to continue to strive for SUCCESS this season

    There is truly no reason why 2024 can NOT be a BREAKTHROUGH season

    As I invision proceeding and SUCCEEDING in life the reason I haven’t had my break through moment is easy

    My potential is like the AIR you can NEVER have too much to spare

    I don’t dare to prepare to jump into the limit-LESS air BUT I am AFRAID of that STARE or smile that will inevitably be there (at least according to ME) to COMPARE

    If I dare to run the race that is LIFE and I WIN I will FOREVER WONDER if crossing that finish line FIRST was FAIR

    I think about EVERYONE ELSE who CAN be there

    Most certainly the guy with the limp is NOT supposed to be there (or so MYSELF thinks)

    But I tell myself if I do NOT run the race (LIFE) like I BELONG it will only be UN-used air and WASTED air just means in the end I did NOT care and I MYSELF CARE

    So in 2024 I DARE to jump INTO MY limit-LESS AIR!

    Voting starts March 15, 2024 12:00am

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    • Wow Jake! This is a fantastic and insightful piece. You are right! Your potential is limitless. Thank you for sharing and thank you for being such a wonderful and special part of our community.

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