WRITING CHALLENGE: Write a letter to someone who is about to give up

To: Someone who is about to give up

From: The Unsealed

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We now have a space for you to write letters and inspire others.

Sometimes chasing our dreams is exhausting and emotional. But that doesn’t mean we should give up on them. I would love it if you all would write a letter to someone about to give up on their dreams about a time you almost quit your dream but decided to keep going.

First join the group  CHASING YOUR DREAMS

Then, go to the CHASING YOUR DREAMS page or your profile page and start writing. 

Here is a suggestion for an outline (You don’t need to use this): 

 Paragraph 1)
 – Write about your dream and why you love it 

Paragraph 2)
– Write about what happened that made you want to quit

Paragraph 3)

Write about why you didn’t quit and why you are happy you didn’t quit

Paragraph 4)
Give advice for someone who is on the verge of giving up on their dream

By sharing your heart, you will help change the world. I look forward to reading your letters. 

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