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Racism is not just a fight for people of color, sexism is not a battle for women alone and gay rights is not a matter that is left to the LGBTQ plus community. The Unsealed is a movement where we inspire strength and promote equality for everyone regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation. Our platform helps people write courageous and personal open letters that share diverse perspectives.

When you join The Unsealed, you will get exclusive content and an invitation to our weekly interactive show, Unsealed Conversations. On Unsealed Conversations, you can chat directly with our guests about various topics related to social justice or empowerment. We have had many guests join us, including professional athletes and coaches, hall-of-fame NFL players, motivational speakers, successful CEOs, entertainers and more. Plus, as a member of The Unsealed, you can pitch story ideas, including a story about yourself.

I started The Unsealed after I wrote an open letter about my experience as a sexual assault survivor. When I shared my story, I quickly realized only when we unseal truth will we change the world.

The membership is at the price of your choosing. It is a monthly recurring charge. 

I can’t wait for you to join us!

With Love and Hope,

Lauren Brill