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The Unsealed is a media company that provides a glimpse of humanity through personal stories told in the form of open letters. Through diverse perspectives, our letters aim to encourage equality, acceptance, confidence, resilience and kindness.

I was inspired to start The Unsealed after writing an open letter to sexual assault survivors. The letter shared details about how I found my power despite being sexually assaulted by two strangers at 16 years old and keeping it a secret for nine years. The goal is for my truth and the truth of others to help people discover courage and strength within themselves.

Become a member of The Unsealed and support our mission. You will receive exclusive content and be invited to live video conferences with celebrities like pro athletes, entertainers and motivational speakers.  You will get to ask them questions and talk to them directly. Plus, you will also get to regularly interact with me, (Lauren Brill), the founder of The Unsealed. The membership is at the price of your choosing. It is a monthly recurring charge. Only together, will we unseal truth and change the world.