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    The comfort of Love, Lost!

    Love and longing for the sky because being so high up made me forget I was once lower than the self esteem of the runway that’s had miles Ran all over it
    And lower than words spoken could ever truly stick like the glue of doubt I once bathed in because I felt naked and seen like the wing by all on board
    Conditioned to being as predictable as the map the pilot follows because he too is just a puppet following directions the way I did when I felt like life never really gave me a choice
    The fighting chance was taken before I even got gloves to get in the ring but I got in because im a fighter and all fighters have a choice to be loud, fail, or float by like a cloud
    Clouds because like me they see more rain than sun on days we are out but drip both unbearable pain and beauty at the same time so much so that it’s calming like a storm after a long day
    Time because like a flight every destination seems to have a set time no matter if you’re ready or not the expectation is to stay within a certain frame
    That frame allows a faux sense of fame where u can begin code switching
    Switching between frames of who you are and how others see you because in the sky perspective is everything and can sometimes only be heard not seen
    Still like the frames and dimensions you’re guided through and Lead mostly because you trust strangers to do a job that you can’t see or control
    You just go with what feels right, vibes they say
    blind feels safe
    Blind faith
    Is what you have while being protected by nothing other than a belt across the waist That sometimes feels like hands of someone trying to either catch u or guide you into an abyss of misconstrued pleasure
    Turbulent, rocky, and trivial ways of connecting with people the heart wants opposed to the mind being fulfilled because we are slaves to the sky over a sea that we can’t survive in if we went down but we still trust it
    We trust them, the others
    I can trust them, I can trust love
    I can be loved, and I can love.


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