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    Letter to My Future Self

    To my future self I have a few questions to start.
    Did you fill the lines on your face with botulism and tar?
    Did you sail the world real real far?
    Did you marry someone real bizarre?
    Finally learn to drive those flying cars?
    Did you meet your goals?
    Did you heal your soul?
    And do you still fear aging?
    I fear that death is paging me before you get a chance to write back.
    Maybe you kept your long hair to make the older men stare,
    Maybe you cut it short,
    Maybe these things don’t matter at all
    And, the ball is truly in your court.
    Odd how your worth is drained
    When you age like a fine wine stained
    On a silken tablecloth.
    Fading with your beauty
    Even though most things are celebrated for their antiquity,
    Like the fine wine before it was dropped
    Your age shouldn’t be treated like some spot,
    Or commodity,
    Or something to be sold And bought!
    Your greying hair is a river
    Telling people how long you’ve been surfing on the wave of time
    Although rivers aren’t big enough to surf
    Your guess is as good as mine why young women suddenly lose their worth When they’re dancing with time
    To my future self I hope,
    You weren’t the one to choke
    On meaningless regimes
    To repair your busted esteem
    For men who would never look at you before.
    I hope you’re instead kind and thoughtful and hold the door, for women who simply want to be more than pretty.

    Xeiah Holley

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