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    There is time you spent looking
    somewhere in the course
    of the day
    or days
    or weeks and months
    maybe even years

    for that certainty of presence.

    This is where you are no longer any sort
    of impostor
    of fearful
    of lacking
    of emotional
    or dramatic

    when the only thing there is, is that you, yourself, are.

    those noises in your head are you
    however not you

    the illumination from introspection is many thousands of years old
    from the masters it is possible to experience
    the presence of who you are being
    there is a grayness before the shining bright white
    the smell of this work is the odor of freshly cut grass
    and the sense of it, is that what you are looking for, is no longer missing.

    That what was missing was always there, even so.

    Poem copyrighted 01/2023, Ray Whitaker
    Photo Copyrighted, 01/2023, Ray Whitaker. “Snowstorm over The Garden Of The Gods”

    Ray Whitaker

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