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    Mom, Here is why I am strong

    Dear Mom,

    You once told me that you don’t worry about me because you know no matter what, I will always be OK. You said to me that throughout my life, whatever challenges I faced, I somehow always managed to persevere. You told me you know me better than anyone else. After all, you’re not only my mother but also my best friend.

    You know everything about me.

    Mom, through all my life’s challenges, you have been by my side.

    When my fourth-grade crush pretended to throw up when he found out I liked him, you told me, “Don’t worry, you’re beautiful, and there will be plenty of boys that will like you.”

    When my first love broke my heart, “You told me to let it go – not to give him the power to make me sad or ruin my day.

    When I did poorly on a test in school, you would spend hours studying with me.

    When my boyfriend died, “You cried with me at the funeral.”

    When I started The Unsealed, “You told me to go for it.”

    And each day, when I share my fears and worries as an entrepreneur, you tell me to keep going. You tell me you believe in me. You give me ideas, and you help me to keep pushing.

    Mom, you have seen me bounce back from a broken heart, disappointment in my career, and loss. And while, yes, I have always been OK, I believe it is because I have always had you.

    I love you so much. Your support, love, and constant presence are the secret to my strength.

    Thank you,

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    • Lauren your mom is the reason you are the way you are today. She gave you such a huge precious mindset and I’m glad you have someone who you can call your best friend. She gave you so much wise words when it came to the tribulations that you had in your life. This is such a beautiful letter that shows her loving character.

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