• Visited by Love

    I was visited by love today. She showed up out of the blue, like a familiar face that I never knew. She said, Anna, is that you? I replied, yes, love, it’s me. With the biggest smile on her face, I was held in love’s embrace, like the clouds over the moon. A rush of heat went through my body like a fever coming through. I softly whispered, thank you, love. I’ve missed you too. I went to step away, and there she was again. She said, where are you going? I’m not finished with you yet. I looked at her, surprised, wondering what she meant. She said I’ve been waiting a long time to tell you what your purpose is. She said you have a heart to help those in need, not just physically but spiritually; indeed, you have a calling on your life; your feet are firmly planted on the ground. Your wings have fully grown and have spread out.
    You no longer live in fear but trample it at your feet. Your head is held high, and you let love speak. Love pours out in all you do; you are no longer a songbird caged but free to let your voice ring. Love then looked at me and said, you’re so beautiful. You have heart to help people and a voice that rings true. I sat there, overwhelmed by the grace that love has shown. I held her tight, and at that moment, she was gone. I was visited by love today. How I never knew the love I carried, even when I was blue.

    Anna M. Lee

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