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    The Lies We Are Told

    To My Younger Self,

    Everyone tells you time will heal all wounds.
    They tell you that you won’t feel this way forever.
    That the future holds more happiness than you can imagine.
    They tell you to look to the next day and move on from the pain you feel now.
    That everything gets better.

    Instead, lean into your pain. Learn to cope. Learn to deal with it rather than shove it down and hiding it away. Learn that smiling through the pain isn’t always the answer.

    Pain doesn’t leave you. The memories of what you’ve been through don’t go away. It doesn’t get better just because you’re older. In order for you to heal, you need to feel everything. You need to deal with your pain head on.

    If you had, maybe you’d be stronger now.
    If you learned that it’s okay to grieve, you’d know how to deal with the heartbreak.
    If you had allowed yourself to feel back then, maybe you would have never accepted the treatment you took now.

    Stop living for the future.
    Stop hoping for better days.
    Stop ignoring the pain.
    Stop burying everything away.

    Instead, live in your present.
    Take the joy alongside the pain.
    Find beauty in the every day.
    Know you are more than the terrible, tragic things that happened to you.
    Find your worth.
    Don’t ever let someone make you feel less.

    Love life, even in the midst of pain.

    You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control how you react.
    You can choose to heal so you aren’t triggered.
    You can learn to love without being afraid of abandonment. And maybe you would have learned to let go when something no longer suited you.
    You’ll understand that timing doesn’t need to be rushed, it’s not a race, and making it happen faster doesn’t make it last longer.

    In the future, you’ll still experience heartbreak.
    You’ll sit in your own silence and pain.
    You’ll beg for a love that doesn’t return.
    You’ll feel emptier than you ever imagined possible.

    But you’ll also understand that YOU are MAGIC.
    You have always had it in you.
    Your confidence will soar for the first time.
    You’ll finally learn how to heal and how to let go.

    Time won’t heal your wounds, it’ll just soften the blow. It’ll make them a soft dull noise in the background instead of a blaring siren. Scars, pain, grief, they never truly go away, you just learn how to live with them and take the lessons they were teaching you.

    You learn to be kind to a world that was never kind to you.

    Be strong.

    Sarah Rock

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