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    Where Darkness is No More

    In shadows deep where darkness danced,
    A world embroiled, entranced,
    A tapestry woven with crimson threads,
    Of crimes committed and fears widespread.

    But winds of change now sweep the land,
    A shifting tide, a humble demand,
    For crimes and violence to be no more,
    A longing for peace at the heart’s core.

    Once rampant streets, now touched by light,
    A dawn breaking, banishing the night,
    The echoes fade of sirens’ wail,
    As hope emerges, a mighty sail.

    Gone are the days of reckless feud,
    Where anger and hatred tightly brewed,
    In its place, compassion blooms anew,
    Love’s gentle touch, a vibrant hue.

    The ripples of change, a gentle cascade,
    Across every city and peaceful glade,
    A chorus rising, voices entwined,
    Declaring unity, leaving none behind.

    Communities united, hand in hand,
    Building bridges, a harmonious band,
    Empathy reigns, healing the soul,
    As empathy’s power takes its toll.

    No longer confined by walls of fear,
    Where shadows whispered, danger near,
    A future bright, where children play,
    With dreams unburdened, each passing day.

    Oh, let this poem be a testament,
    To the strength within us, resolute and bent,
    To shape a world where crimes decrease,
    And violence transforms, finds its release.

    May compassion guide our every stride,
    As we rewrite the story, side by side,
    For in our hearts, the power lies,
    To herald change, where love defies.

    So let us join, hearts intertwined,
    A tapestry stitched, beautifully designed,
    Where crimes and violence cease to be,
    And a world of peace becomes reality.

    Ravien Burns

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    • To live in a world fearlessly and freely. Without having to worry about anything. That sounds like a dream. Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely poem. <3

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