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    Happy Mother's Day!

    Dear Unsealers,
    The following message is in honor of Mother’s Day.
    For all the mother’s of the world. And the aunts, grandmothers, pet moms, mothers to be and all the motherly figures of the world.
    With an extra moment of love for those that find today difficult and for those whose mother is no longer with them.

    The poem:

    A message of love & praise
    For all the mothers, aunts, grandmothers and motherly figures

    An appreciation for all that you do
    And everything that you’ve done

    As the anchors for a better world
    Caring, inspiring, nurturing & loving

    With an extra sprinkle of love
    To those that see this day as difficult
    For those that miss their moms

    One day doesn’t do justice to moms
    Whose impact is recognized every day of the year

    From me to you, I wish everyone

    A Happy Mother’s Day

    Oswald Perez

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    • This is so very beautifully written. I feel that there isn’t enough appreciation for mothers and all that they do. All the sacrifices they make for their child/children and the difficulties of being a mother in general. Well done!!

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    • I love this! Thank you for sharing. Moms are so special, and it’s so nice for you to write something so beautiful to make them feel so special. <3 Lauren

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