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    Watching Your Future Self Soar

    Dear Unsealers,

    Hello Oswald from 2023, it’s me from 2043!

    That’s right, I’m speaking to you for twenty years in the future. From my spacious pied a terre in Nice, France at sunset. And yes, that’s a bottle of rose wine that you brought home from your trip in 2019 that’s being shared with your female companion.

    I’ve managed to stay for five years and become a resident of France. In the meantime, I’ve been exploring the rest of the European continent.

    I’ve come from the future to remind you that everything that you desire is possible. Not as far away as it feels. I know that you’re wondering how I got here.

    It began with a realization late one winter’s night. You visualized what life would be twenty years from now. And you imagined coming back to Nice. The smile was beaming through the silence. But you had to fight off the sense of doubt and lack of self-worth.

    Just saying the words “I’m Ready” proved to be difficult. But through the struggle, the phrase came out.

    You started to get clear on what you wanted for your future. To be able to tell your story in a way that resonates with people, disabled and not.

    With the vision written out, you had the plan to execute. A pair of books would be written, the first one a memoir. Chronicling the life of resiliency that was lived with Cerebral Palsy. And the second, a chronicle of your travels. With both books, you would have something to speak about in interviews for podcasts, IG Lives, and written articles.

    After a lifetime of letting it define you, the quest for your independence began.

    You found a job as an editorial assistant for a publishing company. Learning as you go to pick up the skills for putting the book together while gaining a stream of income.

    The skills of adulthood would be learned, thanks to working with the Center for the Independence of the Disabled. And they would also help in finding your first apartment in Queens.

    Though, you would still join your family for holiday dinners. And you had them over for dinner on your first New Year’s Eve at the place. In time, a bigger apartment would be found.

    You would spend countless hours writing your story and get help from a friend’s publishing house for the first book deal. The Poetic Seasons poetry books and the memoirs are under The Key Publishing House umbrella.

    It would be a whirlwind third trip to France that sealed the deal on staying. Crisscrossing the country in a month from the France-Spain border to Corsica. And as you visited Nice, the magic of the Promenade caught your eye again. You would begin the residency process by spending time at home and abroad.

    With all the exterior changes, I forget to mention that you’re a happier person now. With a healthier perspective on life and more confidence in yourself. And you met someone in Caterina that brings out the best in you.

    Why am I here writing this letter?

    I wanted to remind you to dream bigger and better for your life. You’re more than capable of achieving what your heart desires. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out in the world.

    And above all else, love every inch of yourself. You’re an inspiration!

    Oswald Perez

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