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    Dear Candice of life’s future,

    I was sat writing my morning pages today and happened to think about you. As I wrote another familiar sentence about yet another repeated catharsis, I wondered, 10 years from now, will I (you) still be plagued by these particular life lessons.

    In my mind, you’ve received this on 3/33/33 and the possibilities are as endless as the three’s that make up the date. Consecutive threes are a very good sign from the Universe and I imagine that your day will be full of the most magnificent magic and wonder. That is my deepest hope for you (us) at any rate.

    In the current season of life we are at the precipice of something pretty major. There is a fork in the road ahead that leads into the great unknown. The road before us goes ever on and on in the same trajectory as the one we’ve been on for many years now. There isn’t a single thing “wrong” with continuing down the path ahead. Connection and relationships with our family and friends is at an all time high and of great comfort. We are thriving in our career and also have ample time to spend doing plenty of extra curricular activities. Everything is good.

    Creatively speaking, we’ve never been more inspired, nor more overflowing with ideas. We fill notebooks with pen to page words early in the morning, our rocket book/gratitude journal are well worn and there are stacks of notes on all the ideas for novels we have. The corner of the office that once only held our photography equipment now houses the former and also paintings, a sewing machine and other crafting tools. We try new things all the time. Everything IS good.

    What would great feel like, I wonder though? Can we fathom everything in our lives changing, for the better and believe that simply adjusting our course a little, saying yes to a new adventure, just might lead us to MORE ? What if the more could be all of those words turning into books, the books becoming book deals and then those wonderful published stories going out into the world ? Or perhaps the more could come in the form of a set of notecards made from all the watercolor flowers we’ve been trying? A coffee table book made of our landscape photography? Our voice narrating an audiobook? A podcast of our very own!?!

    More…can we even fathom it?

    Here, at just past 40 years old, I hope that the answer is an undeniable yes. I pray that we take a chance on ourself and that life opens up its wonders in brand New ways and that we amaze ourselves! As you can see, we have no shortage of fuel for the journey!

    So, it is my great wish that when you open this letter, at just past 50, we will find ourself living, well and abundantly, in the fruition of the things wished for today.

    No matter what though, know I love you fiercely, believe in you wholly and am proud of you!!!

    Sincerely Yours,

    Candice C.

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