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    To An Unnamed Love

    To an unnamed love,

    I remember that first day we finally met. It was a perfect August day. Our meeting wasn’t exactly planned but what is in my crazy life. I was instantly captivated by your beauty. Not only your beauty but the amazing heart you possess. You even hugged me even though I had walked several miles from where I parked to where we met and was a little sweaty. My heart was almost instantaneously touched. You found a way around the walls I had built in less than a minute.
    To list all the things I love about you would take more than a few pages, so I will just hit the important ones. Your giving and welcoming nature is like a magnet for my oft broken heart. You are accepting of even broken people like myself. You do not judge. Your amazing dedication to the things important to you is something I love especially. The compassion in your heart is visible throughout everything you do and it is well pretty damn enchanting. In you I see all the things I’ve wanted to show reside in my heart and because of you I’m gaining the courage to do so.

    As my love is growing, your impact is changing the very core of me. Somewhere along the way I lost my faith in love. Somehow, through you I have not only rediscovered that faith but I’ve also myself growing through a budding love for you. A heart I’ve hidden away for years is now leading the way once again. I truly believe you’ve helped me regain the person I always wanted to be. It’s like you are a roadmap back to the place that I belong. I hope that when I’ve at last reached that destination that I find you there, arms open waiting for me. I dream of rushing into those arms and twirling us around like some Disney Fairytale come true. To hold your hands, an embrace that might last forever, oh how different the premise of this dream has changed me. Hope has replaced fear, caring has chased away doubt and love reigns above all. Through you I now understand Amor Vincit Omnia.

    Tá Grá Agam Ort,

    Roger Marshal Chamberlain

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    • Roger this i was such a beautiful letter. Your heart comes across and your heart is certainly sweet and wonderful among other great things. Thank you for sharing this beautiful and sweet letter. Any woman/person would be lucky to have you in their lives. ❤️lauren

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