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    Positivity Wins

    Dear Kris,

    I remember the day I read the letter you wrote with Lauren. I had to stop several times to dry tears from my eyes. You see my Dad is battling cancer right now so it was very personal to me. The thoughts about what you’re both going through saw fit to overwhelm my emotions in that moment. My emotions usually are pretty open so I wasn’t surprised. Reading your letter started a change within me.
    Reading the way you approach each day despite the gravity of your diagnosis really stood out for me. While many people get lost in reflection or worse, regret, you strive to look forward to each day. I consider myself to be very uncommon in a lot of my life and this really identified with me. It’s something that is so easy to emulate but I admit that it can be hard to put into practice unless you’re unabashedly committed to it. I can tell at the very core of who you are Kris, that you are committed to it.
    The impact of knowing of you and your story Kris, it has been immeasurable. It took a lot of focus and concentration on my part, but I’ve tried so hard to emulate your incredible approach to life and whatever difficulties it may bring. I ended up changing jobs recently, twice actually and while it usually leads to stress, I applied a lot of what I’ve read in your letter to it. I’m focusing more on the best parts of my day rather than dwelling on the bad parts. I’m leading with the kindness that’s always been there but has been broken down by a bad mindset. I’ve been through a lot in recent years but I’ve altered my approach because of you Kris. Thank you for such an amazing lesson that any of us sometimes forget. You are a living reminder about seeing everything in its best light, no matter the circumstances. I’m beyond grateful the lesson you’ve taught me even from afar.

    Tús maith leath na hoibre,


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