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    The Only Mom I'd Need

    Dear Mom,

    From the very first day, you were always the one who was sure of me, even when I wasn’t. You told me once that my success would only be limited by my imagination. So many years later that still resonates in my mind whenever I face an adversity. Your faith in me was a lot more than just love but a faith I only now know fully. You showed me the way, and encouraged me as I walked upon it.

    When I felt lost with science homework, you showed me how to see the answers. When I struggled to memorize music, you stepped in to give me the key to unlocking it. When the girl I had fell in love with died, you hugged me while I cried. Whenever I felt like I wasn’t able, you would never let me believe it.

    Mom, it’s easy to say that all that I am is because of your steadfast support. In the end, as always, you were right. My success is truly only limited by my imagination. It didn’t hurt having someone like you standing in my corner. Now that you’re gone I find myself turning my eyes above when I find myself astray. Even from beyond the limits of this life, I still know you’re always there supporting me.

    Thank you for all of the love and support,

    Roger Marshal Chamberlain
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    • Your mom seems like such a very wise person. Not many people have the chance to have such a nurturing person to guide them through life and your mom is such a prime example of the definition of nurturing. I’m glad you got to experience such true love from your mother. She’s such a bright soul.

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      • Kayjah,

        Thanks for the kind words. People often wonder why the grief I carry from losing her has persisted so long. It’s because of who she was. What she did for all of us. All of us besides my Mom have the same first and last initial in our names. My Mom’s name was Margery. We had a little inside joke between us where I would call her the MC because she certainly was the master of ceremonies in our family.

        Because of so many little idiosyncrasies I’m constantly reminded of her in moments throughout each day. There’s a song by Elliott Yamin called “Someday” and the very first few lines he sings in that song explain so much of my grief. He sings, ‘woke up this morning, needed to talk, picked up the phone and started to call, And that’s when it hit me that you were gone’ I usually cannot make it through listening to that song without crying. I took this picture on this story with a disposable camera, the day my Brother got married in 2002. It feels like forever ago. My camera skills were not what they are these days.

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