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    Long Black Train (The Road Back)

    Oh long black train
    You’ve been running for so long,
    Pulling me back from the edge
    Back to a place where I’m strong.

    We pulled out from that station
    It seems like a lifetime ago,
    The trip was sometimes bumpy
    The destination where I want to know.

    Through them low slung valley’s
    Yea we just passing on through,
    On beyond those darkened tunnels we are
    The other side the sun is shining anew.

    Oh long black train you’ve been running
    From despaired past to a future waiting,
    Onwards through time we go
    No time left for contemplating.

    Running with a full head of steam we go
    Leaping from the track to tackle a dream,
    A journey some would say was impossible
    Though life isn’t always what it seems.

    That whistle screaming new hope
    An enchanting tune if I might say so,
    A fire burns within a soul again
    No telling how far it will go.

    Oh long black train this journey is ongoing
    We’ve come such a long way
    Notch eight and don’t be late
    That’s what we’re going to say.

    Roger M Chamberlain
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