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    Unknown Love, An Illusion

    Oh dear love, what an illusion
    Yet the only object I have left to desire,
    Failing to find the key I can’t grasp
    Engulfed by a raging fire.

    To pit myself so recklessly against
    A most insurmountable foe,
    Well that’s just so cliché, so me
    The most unlovable person life could know.

    Whether it be confidence I lack in stride
    Or perhaps just unworthy of love,
    My dream of it I lay at my own feet
    Trampled upon as push became shove.

    My heart has wanted nothing more
    Than to be a half to another’s whole,
    To feel something other than emptiness
    To understand the aching within my soul.

    Finding a summation of my world
    Is it blonde hair, are they blue eyes?
    Seeking only an affirmation
    An answer to all my lingering why’s.

    Whether or not I ever find that person
    I leave at the altar of fate
    I pray I just arrived early instead
    Arriving just that moment too late.

    Roger Chamberlain
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