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    Dear Identity,

    I am ashamed to say that I don’t know what you are. You aren’t the only singular thing I search for meaning within, but you cause me the most extreme distress.

    All my life I’ve searched for my life’s definition in you. By no shortage of pure irony, my favorite television show growing up was called The Pretender. It was about a man who was taken from his parents, and having extreme intelligence was used for the power of his mind. When he reaches adulthood he manages to escape. In a quest to find his parents or any info in his life he impersonates man different people in multiple fields but always using his first name Jared. Through my search for Identity I feel much like Jared.

    All these years have gone by and despite all of the different people I’ve been, I still struggle to know who I really am. Am I the baseball player? The Jazz Musician? The Car Salesman? Like Jared in that TV show every week the resounding question remains, Who am I?

    I hide these days behind a camera lens, I remain anonymous. Not even my accent fits where I am. I constantly feel like a stranger in a room when everyone there I’ve known for years. I’ve been everyone but feel like no one.

    One word that has become both a prison and a refuge, that is what you are to me. Like a chameleon I merely blend in to the environment, a left over evolutionary trait one might say. Though not even the chameleon I am can escape the darkness the lack of Identity casts upon me.

    I remain without definition, in a struggle decades long to find you. I fear that the definition will forever escape me. Though I keep searching in spite of everything you have yet to satisfy within me.

    Roger Chamberlain
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    • Roger, maybe your identity isn’t one singular thing but many things. Don’t spend so much time trying to define who you are and instead just BE who you are.


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