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    Like the dark night awash in headlight
    I feel just as forgotten as it does
    Like all the good I could be
    Never was

    Living life meandering from place to place
    Thing to thing in search of belonging
    Yet the only respite I find
    Is yet another longing

    For a moments rest for my mind
    To find something ‘yond this window pane
    The answer to a simple question is all
    Was all of my effort just in vain?

    I’ve pushed the trolley of my inequity
    Far further than I was ever meant to go
    Searching for answers in a journey
    To a place I am forbidden to know

    Now it is my vision that has gone blurry
    From the tears that sting my eyes
    The pain in my breast building each day
    As my heart runs out of why’s

    I’ve given so freely in my life
    I’ve never in return asked for much
    For my troubles all I’ve known
    Is how to be replaced by someone else such

    For their importance is greater than what
    I could ever dare to be
    Life uses me as it’s stepping stone
    Forgotten about is me…

    Roger Chamberlain
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