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    One photo, infinite possibilities

    Dear Lauren,

    I remember the night I got to meet you. It was a cold December night. Early that day I had a surgical procedure on my left foot. After walking around most of the day even though I was told to go home and rest, I got to meet you at a restaurant called Townhall. It took me a moment to find you in the crowd but once I saw you I knew you would be a friend. I still didn’t know how much of a friend you would become.

    I’m sometimes a hard person to know but you have been so supportive and caring. You have supported not only my writing but many things I do like my photography. You’re always honest with me and that’s one of the best things about our friendship. I value honesty even when I don’t want to admit because it’s exactly what I need to hear.

    Despite only meeting once our friendship has grown over the past several years and I consider you amongst one of my best friends. Out of many friends, you have never judged me based on one of my many shortcomings. The enrichment our friendship has brought to my life has inspired many positive changes in my life. I still battle daily with feelings of being insignificant in this life but you always remind me that I am something. I hope that sometime soon either I can show you around my city or that I can travel down there so my first Florida experience is absent a Florida man story because let’s face it, it will likely happen that way if you’re not around!

    The impact you have had on my life has been more than tenfold. In just a few short years you now know more about me than people I have known for 2 decades. It still seems so surreal that a picture of a train led to our friendship but I’d brave a thousand freezing mornings in Berea if they all brought amazing people like you into my life. I hope this ending isn’t too cliché but thank you for being a friend.


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    • Dear Roger,
      What a sweet letter. I really appreciate your kind words toward Lauren. You have been a good friend in her life as well as a loyal, important part of The Unsealed. You are a special person who deserves only the best in life. I am sure you and Lauren will continue to support each other in the years to come.

      All the best,

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