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    I see your reflection well
    I know fondly your pain
    A face that shows the mileage
    Of a life you fear is in vain

    All that you’ve ever dared to love
    Ripped coldly from your hand
    Yet defiant you stare at the hourglass
    Challenging even the falling of the sand

    Amidst that darkness
    That feels like eternity
    You know the cause
    Not a question the paternity

    You’ve walked into valley’s
    That few would dare to ever go
    In those shadows though
    Rather than falter, you grow

    One is amazed at how much you endure
    The battle scars that you receive
    Somehow a glimmer of hope still burns
    From a place you cannot conceive

    You continue to fight demons
    The likes that most never see
    I know them intimately
    For I am them, and they are me

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