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    Dear Supreme Court

    Today, you struck down 50 years of a woman’s right to choose. While it doesn’t come as a shock and I expected it would happen, it doesn’t dissuade my dismay.

    For context, allow me to beam you back to December of 1983. At a doctor’s appointment my Mother was told to abort me as the risk to her life would be great should she choose to continue her pregnancy. She was at high risk to hemorrhage during childbirth and both her and my lives would be in danger. My Mother beat the odds and here I am nearly 38 years later.

    Today you eliminated that choice my Mother had. Today you decided to force her to carry me where in a lot of states the forthcoming bans will be so extreme that her life would not come into the equation let alone mine. Today you stripped so many women that I care about of their body autonomy.

    To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. Even to say I’m livid would fail to reach the level. For me to step into this character I’m about to I’ll apologize for the language in advance, I AM FUCKING PISSED OFF. You’ve done nothing to protect the supposed sanctity of life because your idea of solving the gun violence problem is to put guns in more people’s hands. Where is the logic in that?

    Women will be irrevocably impacted by this. Women will also die in states where the laws to be passed will be so extreme that even if she suffers an ectopic pregnancy a doctor will be fearful to intercede for fear of being charge with a crime. Women who are raped will be forced to carry a child conceived during that heinous act to term and suffer lifelong with a child connecting her to that act. Roe V Wade ensured that abortion was safe and that will change now as Women will seek to terminate an unwanted pregnancy in a variety of unsafe and downright dangerous means. Will you think about this when it’s your child and grandchild who suffers am ectopic pregnancy and dies because of what you’ve done today? Will you ignorantly say that it was God’s will? Will you be able to look your Wife or Daughter in the eyes today?

    I have already witnessed the dismay of women on my social media. I feel an incredible sadness for them because a gun now has more rights than they do. I feel shame at what has become of the country my family has given so much to. I can only offer my assurances to the women I care about that I will NEVER stop fighting for their rights. I know that today you may feel overwhelmed and that these words will be of little solace. I assure you the actions that will follow, they will show the depth of my resolve.

    To allow of the women I care about most, I’m so sorry today has happened. I hope that in the coming days I can help you fight for the rights you’ve lost today.

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