• Family Party

    I can recall a particularly bright summertime day
    A big family party is held in the backyard
    Everyone had gathered around from near and far to this event
    The happy sensation of fits of laughter heard all around

    A big family party is held in the backyard
    I’m wearing my graduation cap and gown, and my high school diploma is in my hand
    The happy sensation of fits of cheer is heard all around
    There is nothing but love that fills my heart

    I’m wearing my graduation cap and gown, and my high school diploma is in my hand
    My elderly great-aunt came to me with a hug and a proud smile
    There is nothing but love that fills my heart
    I’m glad to have her here and see me graduate high school

    My elderly great-aunt was close to me and had a proud smile
    With a side hug, she smiled wide and posed with me
    I’m glad to have her here and see me graduate high school
    My mother begged us to take a family picture together

    With a side hug, watching her smiling wide and posing with me
    Other close family and friends wanted to pose with me too
    As my mother begged us to take a family picture together
    Before this excited, fulfilled party comes to an end

    As other close family and friends wanted to pose with me too
    Everyone had gathered around from near and far to this event
    Before this excited, fulfilled party comes to an end
    I can still recall this particularly bright summertime day

    Alexcia Cegelski

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  • db-cooper shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 2 days, 12 hours ago

    Tongue twister

    My screen is a scene of something obscene
    It’s so serene I hear Myself scream I deemed it extreme
    Im not to keen to dream it seems, I mean…..

    DB cooper

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  • Joshua (roses) shared a letter in the Group logo of Mental HealthMental Health group 2 days, 14 hours ago

    Shadows in the Mirror

    Have I really been working on myself or did I just change from my work clothes to something more comfortable
    Is this depression or is it just the pigment of my skin
    Can I defeat you, detach from you or are you so fingerprinted to my thoughts that I’m simply running away from me
    Sometimes I wish I could just escape me, myself wears a mask, and I am tired of getting dressed up just to still feel down
    I’m black said my mind, I live in the shadows of sadness watching the sunlight from a distance
    If only the heat from the suns smile would kiss me, maybe it would melt away my sadness
    I’m black said my words, followed by you’re different, they won’t accept you, you don’t fit in
    I’m black says the mirror looking at a reflection of depression
    I get so lost in my waning emotions my waxing moon can barely breathe
    It’s so cold that even the rays of light feel sad
    I’m black, I’m depressed, I’m black, I’m oppressed, I’m black I’m obsessed with the idea of my feelings living on equal ground
    I’m black, I’m depressed the two interchange while beginning to sound the same so much so I took depressions last name
    When I look at me I see one broken piece
    I can’t find the rest of the lyrics to my song, maybe it’s because the writer will never finish it
    Maybe it’s because I didn’t cry enough to water my heart
    I’m black, I’m dirt, but my soil is killing the last remaining rose
    I am a rose with bloody red regrets for petals, I put my failures on a pedestal
    So, every time I tried to look up it got me nowhere
    I’m lost and I keep letting the grey line give me directions, because there’s a thin line between joy and happiness, and in the middle is pity where you can find me
    I’m black so they think I stole these 5 minutes of happiness, and so what if I did everyone deserves 15 minutes of fame and mine is coming soon
    But right now, I just want to smile and actually feel the laughter hold me instead of the facade that hugs me like a long embrace
    This morning I stopped running and looked depression in the face
    My mind is not yours it is the Lord’s
    p.s. let the battle begin


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  • Joshua (roses) shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 2 days, 15 hours ago

    Dancing Under the Lights of the Waterfall

    Step side to side
    Sway to our song
    Your heart is the lyrics
    My soul the instrumental
    Hold my hand the way Jesus held the nails
    Step side to side
    Nerves waltz to love
    No music is needed
    When sacrifice becomes a verb
    Watching movies with the sound off
    I’ll hold you like the space between us is trying to escape
    Crowded ball room that only sees us two
    Empty minds have the fullest hearts
    And the cup of my rhythmic soul runneth over
    p.s. don’t forget to kiss me under the waterfall chandeliers…


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  • My Perfect Day

    Rain on the window
    No one around
    Tucked away home
    Euphony of sound

    Crackle of the fire
    Kettle whistling on
    Page turn in my book
    My favorite song

    Squeak of a worn dog toy
    Steady scratch of a cat
    The love of my life a room over –
    it’s as simple as that

    Chloe Mayer

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  • Man, what a day...

    What would a perfect day look like to me?
    What a great question
    I guess it would be to break entirely free,
    From this cursed nightmare called ‘people pleasing’.
    It would be me waking up and not despising the outcome of each day
    Man, that would be euphoric
    I can see it now, painted like this
    A cool, refreshing breeze flowing through my long brown hair
    Whispering inspirational ideas in my ear
    I would actually be me, who I was meant to be.
    And not being scared to be free
    My life to be more than just me
    I want to be a part of something bigger,
    Like setting others free
    Breaking them free from their burdens,
    Their shame, Their guilt… Regret.
    Helping them overcome trials against them
    But in order to do that, I have to break free myself
    So I wouldn’t be fooling anyone with my frauded hypocrisy
    My perfect day would consist of these things,
    Not blinded by favoritism, helping those in need
    Breaking shackles off of peoples burdened feet
    Setting all of Lifes’ captives free
    It starts with me
    I will fight to win this perfect day
    For it catapults me to be the woman I strive to be
    I want to feel victories wind breeze past me
    As I run in this journey of self love
    The day of perfection, I will be
    Bold, I won’t cower to the bullies in life that antagonize me
    Courageous, I won’t hesitate to do what’s right
    Brave, I will do what is needed for my peace
    Loving, I won’t let bitterness ruin my integrity
    Happy, I won’t let others steal my joy
    Kind, I will not stop treating everyone with respect
    Discreet, I will only open up to those I trust
    Discerning, I will know who to trust
    I will be strong.
    So that I won’t let others steam roll over me
    Truly let their remarks, roll of my back
    I will be completely unbothered by the negative words
    Only spewed to hurt me, or to control me
    I am not their puppet, not even my own
    I will be the woman who is dignified and walks in grace,
    But I will be bold and stand my ground unafraid.
    I will make choices that benefit me, and those who love me
    I will no longer make sacrifices to those who only hate me
    Man, what a day
    I will wake up, day in and day out
    Putting on my game face, and my war paint
    Wielding my shield that was meant to protect
    Fearlessly charging with unwavering Faith
    But, something seems off, what is it?
    I can feel it in my bones.
    I look down at my hip, and had a realization
    I have a sheath, what is that I see?
    I dusted off my sword, which waited for me patiently
    I finally use it to combat the things trying to hurt me
    Which each swipe, I break my own shackles free
    So that I can be the me that I was meant to be
    To me, that would be the perfect day,
    The first day of the rest of my life.
    That pining for freedom turning into my reality
    That would catapult me into my destiny
    Each step with liberty
    Pure joy
    Loving myself
    So I can truly love others
    Man, what a day
    What a perfect day.


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    I needed you all day
    All day I yearned to climb up on you
    Resting my face on you
    Receiving all your warmth

    You’re the only one i allow to see me naked in daylight
    You see me cry at night
    You still hold me tight and let my tears soak into you

    I’m self-centered but you’re the only one I want constantly
    I wake up to you and at the end of the day I gotta hurry back to you

    You’re reliable like an old friend
    You make me feel relaxed like a tall glass of red wine
    You nourish me like a home cooked meal
    You’re comfortable like hugs from mom
    You’re my sad goodbyes and my happy hellos

    You are loyal. You would never abandon me. But where would you go anyway?
    You’re just a BED. That’s right. Furniture! This is a love letter to my loving bed.
    No further explanation. No other invitation. Also my destination of Rest and Relaxation. Excuses of procrastination.
    Solitude acclimation.
    Self-care affirmation.
    A real staycation.
    My own temptation.

    By End of Day….

    You must Self care. Take care.

    Aja Lynn Humphreys

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  • Perfect days my way

    There was never a perfect day for me.
    Sure some where good or great. But I can’t even imagine the perfect date.

    All the great days I ever had were so different. Sometimes even looking back on them makes me sad. Like times had with previous partners or friends.

    I’ve come to realize even those days end. So did the connections. Yet I’m still glad that they happened.

    Without them I wouldn’t be who I am today. Sure these imperfections don’t make things great, but there were lessons learned along the way.

    I think that is the important takeaway. To appreciate the time that you have. Making the most of each day. Even doing nothing has its grace.

    Dominic Valim

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  • Ash Raymond James shared a letter in the Group logo of Mental HealthMental Health group 3 days, 8 hours ago

    Unveiling the truth about taking chances

    As a writer, I often find myself discovering scraps of writing I have jotted down somewhere, or suddenly, a line will appear in my head that doesn’t fit anywhere or doesn’t feel good enough. Sometimes, I foolishly let it fly away because it wasn’t what I was looking for at that moment. I have pondered how we do this with so many things. We set expectations and order and refuse anything that breaks the pattern, even if the thing we are shooing away isn’t harmful but is healing. We become so strict within ourselves that we become the cause of our discomfort. We search for relief in one way and refuse to accept that anything other than that specific thing will help. There is a calming effect that comes with the familiar, but only because one thing helps us, it doesn’t mean something else won’t. Here is a little silly analogy. Only because you love fries doesn’t mean you can’t like mash. It doesn’t mean mash isn’t satisfying, even if fries are your favorite. The same goes for everything in life. Are you feeling sad? Then you probably know something that can help, but if you are being entirely honest, can you say you are open-minded and open-hearted to other options? We tend to dismiss things before attempting them and convince ourselves that something else won’t work until it stands no chance. I was against exercising for so long. Told myself that I hated it and did so with such intensity I couldn’t let myself feel how I genuinely felt. There was no benefit because I refused there to be one. I was determined for it to fail, so it failed; however, when I let go, gave it a chance, and approached it with openness, I learned it does a lot for my mental health. This is one example of many. It is strange how this links with my writing and how I have started writing down the notes I would abandon before, and the results have been incredible. Instead of telling myself they are awful and brushing them out the door, I let them stay a while. I give them room in my notepad and let them ruminate.
    In summary, I am saying we are terrible at giving things chances, and we should open ourselves to everything. It is okay if you give something a genuine attempt and it doesn’t work out for you, but please try it. Download the running app, try those HIIT workouts, make that recipe you’ve been unsure about, and write the poetry you are sure will suck. In celebration of this, here is an ending of a poem my brain created that doesn’t have a body yet. Hopefully, one day, it will.
    “Please call back later
    I’m trying to sleep off the silence
    And if you don’t understand
    what I’m saying
    You’re cured.”
    (If you like this letter, I write these weekly on my website. I will post more here also, so make sure we’re friends.)

    Ash Raymond James

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  • My Perfect Day

    Dear Unsealers,
    My perfect day is waking up in my peace, especially on the mornings that follow a night of no stress relief or release. When I know I can look forward to my hard work being acknowledged and received. When every path I cross is filled with smiles and I’m reminded that the little things still matter. When my seeds are growing and flourishing like beautiful flower platters. When I know that my patience hasn’t been wasted, but only tested for something better to come. When my mind, body and spirit have genuinely rested. When I can bring a little relief to somebody regardless of how far their grief has been measured. When I can see my people happy, healthy and the spirit of also giving the same energy, because everyday is new which makes it a present which also makes it a blessing. My perfect is filled with love.


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  • Autumn shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 4 days, 20 hours ago

    The roads we travel

    Two roads diverged ahead of me –
    one known and one less traveled.
    There’s been a lot of talk about
    how one should take the latter.

    They say to seek the new and strange
    is the course that is the wiser,
    but both seemed new and strange to me
    because I’d never taken either.

    I traveled for a bit down one
    and found much there was gold,
    but soon I wondered what glittering things
    the other road might hold.

    Changing course is not a thing
    one can often do with ease.
    I trudged across through underbrush
    in the darkness of the trees.

    I ran into another path-
    who could say where this would go?
    But one I went because of course
    there’s but one way to know.

    I’ve done a lot of traveling now
    and there’s much that I have learned.
    Each path was often weird to walk
    and took many curious turns.

    There are many books that I could fill
    with what I don’t know yet.
    But what I think is true is that
    none knows which path is best.

    So I say if you’re stuck between two roads
    and told that you much choose,
    to say p’shaw to others and
    do what you want to do.

    Autumn Davidson

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  • The perfect day

    Draw the drapes
    How can today be the perfect day?
    A good day seemed days away
    As I get up brush my teeth
    I avoid eye contact with my reflection
    Each time more bleak
    Today will be different
    I meet her gaze don’t be afraid
    Proclaiming you are not weak
    If they cannot hear you when you talk
    Makes sure they hear you when you speak
    Take it easy there is no race
    Yes you were betrayed
    You and I escaped
    We broke free from the shackles and the chains
    This is your daily reminder you are safe
    No remedy to ease the pain
    The past you is slain
    her death will not be in vain
    The beauty of deaths kiss
    You can be reborn again and again
    They have nothing to lose
    You have everything to gain
    The perfect day is being me
    Not the victim he made

    Destinee ramos

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  • The Guilty Pleasures of Womanhood

    I wish I could wake up in the morning
    To a house that’s prepped and made
    No dishes or mess to clean up
    The laundry is folded and put away

    I wish that I was understood
    That my efforts were noticed
    And in return the context clues I love to scatter
    Get swept up by loved ones
    Offering to return the favor

    I wish that I could walk the streets late at night
    No mace or pepper spray in my line of sight
    My keys are meant to unlock my door
    Not clenched between my knuckles
    Waiting to be bore

    I wish that I could shake the hands
    Of each passerby I encounter
    Grinning widely from cheek to cheek
    Exchanging pleasantries and
    our hopes for the future
    Morals aligning and feeling at ease
    Knowing many people feel the same as me

    I wish I had one perfect day
    To rest and partake in hobbies
    No work to stress
    Just reading my favorite books in hotel lobbies
    I would sing and dance and play in the rain
    No anger left, no unresolved pain

    Because womanhood is often a burden
    That at times feels like a tyrant warden
    Patiently waiting until my time is served
    And knowing my aptitude is mildly absurd
    But I often hope for the little things
    Because to me they feel like extraordinary wins
    And when this mindless duty is fulfilled
    My perfect day will be without guilt

    Poetry Veguez-Chang

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  • My heart is one that desires deep human connection. So my perfect day would look something like this…

    I like to be quiet.
    I like to get lost in the wrinkles that hug a strangers eyes and wonder how much time he’s spent in the sun. Did he live by the sea or get a chance to hold the hand of the one he loved under that same sun that embedded itself around his eyes?
    I like to sit quietly in the loudness of a busy dirt road in a foreign land and make up life stories of those who walk by.
    How many scarves does she own and what made her choose the one with bold flowers and stripes and does she see herself as beautifully as I do?
    Did she tie up her hair and think “damn I’m a queen” because she walks down this dirt road like royalty.
    I bet she has scars in places no one can see.
    Just like me.
    I wonder if I pulled out my scars from their quiet place and shared them with her if she would pull hers out too.
    And we could marvel at our human pain and laugh and eat food I’ve never heard of before.
    And that man with the wrinkles around his eyes from a lifetime spent in the sun would walk up and hand us each a flower from his field and say something like “all roses have thorns”.
    And when the sun begins to fall we’ll put our scars back in their place and keep them safe for their next human embrace.
    I’d thank her for her time and her smile and her humble beauty.
    I’d let her know if she ever needs me I’ll be here in quiet, making up life stories of those who walk by.

    Kelly Lieberman

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  • Perfect Day

    A Perfect Day is accepting there are no perfect days,
    While there may be a flaw, a blemish upon the face,
    There is the joy of lipstick,
    A pop of color giving life to an old soul,
    An iridescent smile accepting the stale reheated coffee, of which
    Faded red lipstick stains still clutch on to old coffee mugs,
    While the bittersweet memories remain intact,
    An outlook has changed,
    Despite being in bed tossing and turning the night before,
    You spend your morning in gratitude,
    Until you allow yourself to seize the day and run into life,
    Allow yourself to not let your inner melodrama to bring you down,
    You inhale the air of life, and exhale the negativity,
    A perfect day is not allowing the bad dreams in your body
    To dictate your awakened state of reality,
    I find the best moments in a perfect day to be full of laughter,
    Laughter and having a sense of humor helps provide sunlight
    To a darkened room, I find that my perfect day is where my sister
    And I laugh and giggle like two partners in crime,
    My perfect day is filled with moments of calm and piece,
    It is not just a perfect day, but a days worth of memories,
    That happily sit with me,
    I find that there are perfect moments in the utter realms of destruction,
    Opportunities to make something broken stir alive again,
    My perfect day is where I begin with a fresh mindset,
    An early morning walk with the dog,
    I allow my perfect day to not be a pity party,
    But a day of forgiveness and healing,
    A perfect day is flooding the darkness with pure light,
    And not allowing the burnt stale coffee to foul my mood,
    For in my perfect day I am freeing myself from what brings me down.


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  • Beautiful Day

    Beautiful Day

    It’s 6am
    When the sun first
    Wakes me—gently,
    With caution,
    As if a lover
    Tiptoeing from bed
    To brush his teeth
    Before work,
    A small light escaping
    From under
    The bathroom door;
    I know I have no lover,
    But I smile anyway—
    I fall back asleep,
    It is not yet
    My time.

    The sunlight nudges again
    At half past 9, excited
    This time – she wants
    To spend her day with me –
    The birds chirp to remind me
    There is no rush –
    I can keep resting
    If I need to –
    But I don’t,
    Not today.
    I’ll grab my novel
    From my bedside,
    Make pancakes and a latte
    With maple syrup,
    And sit
    By the pool in the back.

    Before lunch
    I run 5 miles at the track
    Of the high school that
    Broke me, but it won’t
    Break me today.
    I’m stronger – I’ve trained –
    And not
    For weight loss, just
    For me.
    The clouds run too,
    Around and around lane 3,
    And I’m smiling to the
    Sad songs on my playlist—
    I’m content enough
    To stay smiling for now.

    Dinner I do
    With family;
    Mom makes red sauce
    From her garden tomatoes and
    Dad makes salad
    With oil and vinegar, and
    My sisters
    Are all home.
    Mom tells a story about
    The business she runs,
    We tease her
    Like we’re children still,
    And I go quiet while
    They keep on laughing.
    Not a sad quiet – I just don’t
    Have to say much more. I can listen;
    I remember I’ll miss this

    I’m at the climax
    In the novel, I lounge
    By the pool while
    The sun is setting.
    It becomes dark
    And dad flicks on
    The backyard lights.
    The day’s come
    Full circle.

    It’s warm
    But I hear mom’s wind chimes;
    There’s fireworks
    In the distance – someone’s small
    Celebration –
    And I’m drinking peppermint tea
    With milk. It’s still only
    9pm—my, I have hours
    To keep reading.

    At midnight I hop out
    Of the shower, I throw a towel
    Over my head.
    I mark my novel finished
    On Goodreads, I rate it
    5 stars.
    I wear a vintage bathrobe;
    I know no one will see it
    But it’s enough
    That I will.

    I admire myself
    In the full length mirror
    And for a moment
    It hurts
    That I’m alone;
    It’s only for a second and
    It almost feels nice—if
    Only to remind me
    Of all this good.

    This beautiful world—
    I watched a beautiful sunset,
    I read a beautiful book,
    I wear a beautiful bathrobe;
    I can lay under my covers now
    And write a beautiful

    Danielle Patino

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  • A Perfect Day

    In a city I adore, the morning sun’s kiss,
    A perfect day unfolds, free of worry and pure bliss.

    Awakening with gratitude, a heart full of grace. In God’s presence, I find my tranquil place.

    A gym’s vibrant energy or a fitness class so bright, invigorating my body, an uplifting morning delight.

    Professional goals embraced with an open heart and mind. A purposeful journey, building dreams and maximizing time.

    Shared some laughter and wisdom with a good friend. These moments so dear. In her company, hope whispers, dispelling loneliness and fear.

    Through inspiring streets, I take a thoughtful stroll, a world-class neighborhood, empowering my soul.

    With a loyal puppy,
    Abundance Love is her name, a playful bond, so sweet.

    With her, there is never a dull moment, no emotional need she cannot meet.

    For me and the world, an abundance of love and joy she spreads, she is so friendly, there is not a person or pup that she has not already met in her head (lol.

    As the hours of my day quickly march on,
    it is afternoon already and much work has been done.

    It is time for some well deserved self-care. Perhaps I will read a devotional and say a prayer or two, brief yet sincere.

    I will remind myself that I worked hard to be here. I deserve this. I belong.

    Maybe I will listen to a good book or a few of my favorite songs.

    I will end my perfect day, with tasty dinner delights. Perhaps, I will cook myself dinner, hmmm, I just might.

    A feast for the senses, a culinary endeavor.
    My home fills with aromatics of a meal I will savor.

    As the sun sets, peace wraps its arms around me.
    I’m so grateful for this day and night full of life, hope, and serenity.

    Sitting on my balcony, underneath the stars, I find a tranquil reprieve, reflecting on the day, I am grateful: there is still some good in this life for me, I believe.

    Perfect in simplicity, this day I hold dear, thank you God for this alignment.
    With God all things are possible. With Him, whom shall I fear.

    Dr. Cortnie S. Baity, LMFT

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    Sunset comes in muted hues

    Orange fire and baby blues

    Seaside skies, so vast in views

    Birds pass lovers, two by twos

    The day erased to bygone news

    Sunlight fades to starry muse

    Gentle flames from bonfires fuse

    Bring restful bliss from daytime’s ruse

    From sunrise lies to nighttime truths

    Our life resets when dawn renews

    Ricardo Albertorio

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  • A Great Day

    “Have a great day!” It’s a common wish among friends and well-wishers. We can easily say to someone “I hope that you have a great day today!,” and, unlike other hopes that we might have, is easy and effortless stuff.

    At the core, it all depends upon what you make of your day. It has a different meaning for different people. Since we’re here, I’ll give you mine.

    Simply put, my definition of “A great day” is easy as pie. A great day means getting up in the morning and being able to know that I have new episodes of podcasts to listen to in my feed.

    Every weekday (barring major holidays), I start the day by listening to Nothing Personal with David Samson, a former Survivor castaway and President of the Miami Marlins. He’s smart, fresh, and funny.

    A great day means that I can write. Since writing about combat sports is how I make my livelihood, I’ve had so many great days over the last six years.

    Perhaps most importantly, a great day is one spent talking to and hanging out with the people most important me. The greatest days happens when my nieces get to spend time with me, their uncle.

    Thanks for reading. Make this day a great one.

    Drew Zuhosky

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  • Perfectly Equal

    Perfectly Equal

    Once upon a perfect day
    All were equal in every way

    Not color nor gender
    Did prevent the render

    Of kindness and care
    Bestowed on everyone everywhere

    In fact, all differences at hand
    We celebrated in fashion most grand

    And an impenetrable sphere
    Protecting both straight and queer

    And those dark skinned and light
    Surrounded our earth, preventing a blight

    Which threatened evil and strife
    Upon this our most perfect life

    For hate may have been the prequel
    But equal would be the sequel

    On this most perfect day
    Conjured and imagined my way

    Lorinda Boyer

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