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    A Second Chance

    In the morning, I kneel and pray
    Thankful for another day
    To be alive and wonder aloud
    Because today I can be proud

    A selfish thing once was I
    Drinking and using, living a lie
    Now I am free from burden and strife
    I’m grateful that I can live my life

    I’m grateful for another chance
    To exist in this world, to steal a glance
    At what my future could possibly hold
    And to see what my story will unfold

    Here in the present there are many things
    Paintings to paint, and songs to sing
    Hands to grasp, and lips to kiss
    A life to live, I nearly did miss

    I’m grateful for grass underneath my feet
    I’m grateful that my heart still beats
    I’m grateful that I choose myself
    I’m grateful for my growing health

    Each day I live brings something new
    A different thought, a sky so blue
    And with supportive family and friends
    I’m grateful that my life won’t end

    But what I am most grateful for
    Is having you walk through my door
    A love I cannot ever explain
    You are my sun and falling rain

    With you by my side, there’s always light
    Hope and joy and sparks ignite
    I’m grateful to be sober with you
    And to live a life I never knew

    Everything means so much to me
    I never thought that I could be
    Happy and in a better place
    A second chance to show me grace

    I’m grateful at night to go to sleep
    And dream a dream so very deep
    But before all that, I kneel and pray
    And thank God for another day

    Kristen Moxley

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    • This is fantastic! Thanks a lot for sharing this piece.

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      • Thank you so much, Rebecca!! I’m sorry it took so long to see your response. I’m so happy you added me as a friend! I’m still trying to figure out how to use this website. I’ll be sure to read your writings as well. Have a blessed day!

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