• I Fundraise for Kids

    It was a cloudy cold day in November
    Im questioning why I left Arizona weather
    And chose to work this week
    in cold ass Denver

    I went to work like every day before
    To help some kids
    Raise money so they don’t hurt themselves

    Secretly I wonder how do I preach mental health
    If I’m so unstable myself
    And then I realized oh yeah
    Weve got to help them
    not end up with crippling depression

    So I stayed outside
    Even in the snow
    I told myself if I stay in the cold
    Ill have a bigger blessing to come

    This man walked out of jersey mikes
    In a suit with a smile
    He didn’t want a pitch
    Just to donate, and lets be honest
    A juicy tax receipt

    I looked him in the eyes
    and asked him for a thousand dollars
    He handed me his card and said run it fast
    I’ve got a job to get back to

    Shaking and shocked
    How does that just happen
    That wasn’t the first time
    And it wasn’t the last

    We are often told that people suck
    And working at Starbucks really sealed that envelope
    But when I’ve realized how generous some are
    With no second thought
    I am thankful for the beautiful humans we have in society
    Weather you can read it on their face or not

    On a cold cloudy day in November
    Snowing, terrible, denver weather
    I saw a bright soul so bold
    That I could no longer feel the cold
    From the warmth grown in my soul

    Lizard the Wizard

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    • Ahhhh…. Good old Denver. 🙏 You are amazing. This letter, just so comforting and relatable. Fundraising takes a special person. A strong person. Believing in the cause with all of their heart and soul. Your letter left footprints on my heart. Thank you.

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    • Thank you for sharing your heartfelt poem about a cold and cloudy day in November. It’s clear that the encounter you had with a generous individual made a deep impact on you and reminded you of the kindness that exists in the world. Sometimes, the experiences we have and the people we meet can change our perspective and remind us of the inherent goodness that resides in humanity. Despite the challenges and the cynicism that may surround us, these acts of generosity and selflessness serve as a powerful reminder of the beauty that can be found in human connections.

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