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    To the Dance Director that sexually assaulted me

    I’m sure you’ve heard that I’ve been posting stuff on Instagram that was partly in relation to the night you danced with me.
    I haven’t had courage to speak up to you since then, because the whole time I felt like what you did was my fault. It took me a while to realize that none of this is true at all.
    What you did to me that night was completely inappropriate.
    You literally left a huge mark on me, and I feel traumatized after what you did.
    I’ll never forget how you sexually assaulted me on the dance floor.
    I see how you have an impact on the dance community, and the image you carry around.
    But to me, I feel like you took advantage of your power over me.
    In my eyes, you are not a good teacher, and you don’t inspire me at all.

    All you have caused is fear and anxiety in me. You intimidated me that night, and thought it was a joke to embarrass me.
    I felt afraid of you. You are bigger than me, a better dancer than me, you intimidated me.
    As you have heard, I had another event in addition to this, which has caused me more trauma in which I’m trying to heal from.
    I used to love to dance. It was a place for me where I felt free. It didn’t matter to me if I made mistakes because I knew that this process was normal, and I accepted that. I knew that eventually, I will grow at my own desired pace. It was therapy for me. You took something away from me.

    Now, I feel uncomfortable and unsafe. I’m telling you this because I think it’s important that you realize the hurt you caused me that night. It’s not ok what you did at all.
    And no, it’s not my fault. I’m not looking for an apology. Just wanted to tell you, and I will tell you again in person if there is a chance. Because I am angry and pissed.
    If you disagree, that is your own story to keep.

    Kimberly S. Bustani

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