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    A Letter to me, from me

    Dear Kat of 2023,

    Hey! Wait, let me properly greet you with some lingo from your time- what’s up, homie? Time to get lit and spill the tea. Luckily we have grown out of using those phrases, but they apply all the same. It’s 2030 now, and you have officially joined the ranks of the adults. I’m 30, how crazy is that? I hope you are doing well at college and that you aren’t being too hard on yourself. As you age, you’ll realize how lucky you had it at 22. You are young, and free in so many ways, and your future lies ahead of you full of endless possibilities. It’s a beautiful thing, is it not?

    You did get that turtle! I know you’ve wanted one as a pet forever. Don’t worry, Mr. Bubbles is sitting safe in the backyard right now, enjoying some sun. And on top of that, you also have a cat. I know how much you missed the family cats at college. You also get your degree. Your master’s degree, to be specific. You graduate with a 6 year degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, just like you dreamed of. It is not going to be easy going to grad school and working at the same time, but you will get through it. On tough days, remind yourself why you started. Remind yourself where you came from. You specialize in the treatment of eating disorders- because that’s where our heart is. Remember being 17 and seeing no way out? Well now you are 22, and you see the other side. At 26 you begin to help other people begin their journey to freedom. It’s the most rewarding feeling, I promise you. It’s worth the struggle of school.

    Now I know what you are wondering- do we meet the one? I don’t know what to tell you there. Some surprises aren’t meant to be spoiled. Keep your standards high and your head up, and I promise you good things are to come. Remember that words are easy but actions are harder. Look for someone who makes you laugh like a little kid and who makes every day feel special. You have had some tough times with the men in your life and I know trust is an issue. It’s ok to feel that way. Don’t beat yourself up when you have trouble letting people in. The right person will have patience and meet you where you are at. You should never apologize for where you are at. And like I said earlier, I don’t want to ruin a surprise, but things are looking up in your love life.
    I don’t have a ton of time left to write because I have a patient in a quarter hour. Know that you are incredibly loved by the people around you. It can be hard to see things when you are in them, but from a distance everything is clearer. Enjoy this time. You have a beautiful family and friends that surround you, and you are in a special time of life where you are figuring out so many things about yourself and the future you want to create. Continue to wake up early and admire the sunrises. Continue to embrace your inner child- to laugh and play often. Continue to work on yourself and to give yourself grace for your shortcomings. I love you.


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