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    Find Love and Joy

    Dear 2023 Me –

    I know your upcoming wedding is starting to be a concern for you. After all, you’ve lived the last thirty-one years alone. You’re strong, independent, never needed no man to take care of you. You travel the world. Now there’s this ring on your finger weighing you down like an anchor and putting all these doubts in your head.

    Will he stop you from doing the things you want to do? Will he stump your career goals, keep you from crossing things off your bucket list, make you feel like you’re not your own woman anymore? How are you supposed to live like that: live with your feet firmly planted on the ground when your eyes have been on the sky your whole life?

    Let me remind you of something. When you hiked the Inca Trail and stared out over the Andes Mountains, do you remember what you were thinking about? You were wishing there was someone there with you to appreciate all you were experiencing. And not just a pal or a buddy; you wanted love, a soulmate there to share those incredible memories with for the rest of your lives. You wanted to share a fulfilling life with a true partner.

    Let me assure you of something, you found him. You found your partner in all things. He is your match, your equal, your soulmate, your travel partner. You never need to worry about being less than what you have always been because he sees you for all that you are. The next time you want to spread your wings and fly, he will be right there next to you the whole time. You will never feel the ball and chain on your ankle holding you in place. Your life has just begun, and it is so beautiful.

    I know you’ve had your share of ups and downs that made you positive no one could ever truly take you as you are. Your body still bares the scars from some of those downs and your medication routine is enough to take anyone by surprise. But I can promise you, he doesn’t care about that. He loves you for the fighter you are and the fighter you will keep on being. If your body breaks down again and you have to go back through doctors and hospitals and surgeries and learning to do basic functions on your own again, he will be there. Without a shadow of a doubt, your future husband will always have your back.

    Do not be afraid. Do not run from a lifetime of happiness because you fear what you might lose. You aren’t losing a thing and are gaining more than you can fathom right now. I write this to you so you know what awaits you when you shed your concerns and walk down that aisle with love and openness in your heart. You will find that fulfilling life and you’ll never look back.

    With Love and Joy –

    Your Future Self

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