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    WE UNSEAL The Bottle!

    Dear Unsealed Family

    We’ve all been there, trying to UNSEAL a bottle, and we just can NOT.

    After a million tries, we take a break and glance at our hands, only to see them bright red from our work, which, until this point, hasn’t borne fruit.

    We might even see a blister and wash our hands (reluctantly) because we know that once that hand even has the slightest bit of soap, it will be the most painful “bee sting” we’ve had in our life – until the next time it happens.

    Taking a deep breath, we jargon back to that YouTube video we watched, showing us how to breathe correctly and might utter an expletive to vocalize how upset we are that we don’t practice this routine more.

    Going back to the bottle, we FINALLY UNSEAL that cap. Hearing that pop sound gives a sense of relief and accomplishment equivalent to successfully climbing up Mount Everest.

    Opening up that bottle and hearing the cap pop off is the equivalent of taking that one extra step to get what you want in life!
    If we do NOT assume that step, life, itself, will ALWAYS have a cap and make us REGRT that the bottle was NEVER UNSEALED!

    This grand plan we have in our heads to write a book, become an Adaptive Clothing Model, public speak, etc, are things we want to do, but if we want to do them, we HAVE to TAKE ACTION!!

    This action is NOT meant to be taken ALONE and reach “Mount Everest” RIGHT AWAY,; it’s having JOY EVERY TIME WE get CLOSER to UNSEALING that Bottle!!!

    Much Love

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