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    If I could visit my younger self I would go back to the day when I first learned how to laugh

    Before my joy became bogged down by the weight of the past

    I’d go back to when I felt a lions heart beating inside of me

    Back when my weapon was my bravery

    I’d go back to when there were no forks in the road

    Back when I carried a lighter load

    I’d go back to when I’d gaze up at skies so blue

    And immediately my mind would think of You

    When I thought peace could be achieved by hundreds of people linking arms in a chain

    And I thought a hug could ease every type of pain

    I’d go back to when I was baptized with holy water

    And relive the moment I became a beloved daughter

    I’d go to my childhood where I’d try to capture butterflies in my memere’s yard
    And when I observed that a caterpillar’s journey is hard

    When days were perfect with not a cloud in sight

    And I would squeal with a child’s delight

    Those moments of wonder were such a gem

    That if I could I’d relive them again

    But the clock keeps ticking as time marches on.

    But that sense of wonder isn’t gone.

    Indeed it still remains

    When I think about how Love allowed Himself to be blood-stained

    When I think about how Jesus called us to be like children.

    That’s when awe & wonder start to pour in.

    Hannah G.

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    • This brought tears to my eye. A reminder to live Life through a child’s eyes so pure and full of joy. Not a worry in the worlds. Oh how I miss those days. Thank you for sharing.

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      • @mavisjohnson I miss those days too. I found a picture of younger me a couple days ago. I was probably 5 or 6 in the picture and I look like I was having the time of my life swinging on a swing. I have even called it my “big Hannah attitude.” It reminds me of when life was much simpler and when I was more care-free. I want to get back to that.

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