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    I am a grateful father

    More importantly, parent

    Through a gift that was God sent

    Delivered by a mother

    Time slips by without notice

    Photos to remind my soul

    Of a sacrifice untold

    They grow from bud to lotus

    And now my grey reminds me

    Of broken bones and scraped knees

    Diapers, prom, college degrees

    Protect them to set them free

    Now I sit to reminisce

    Wishing I had done better

    As my heart writes this letter

    Of those early years I miss

    Ricardo Albertorio

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    • Hello Ricardo,
      I can really relate to your words as a mother of 2 grown children. Those days when they were little and they were with me 24/7 were wonderful!


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      • My daughter is now 22 and my son recently turned 19…but I still see them as 12 and 9…*sigh…Thank you for your response.

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