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    The Integration of US

    Dear FELICE,

    I am looking in the mirror while I dictate this because I truly don’t know who I see as we are all combined as I am at this moment. I visualize you when you are so small, so scared and so innocent from one moment begging me for help to release you and other times I am greeted with a wide smile, the very smile I hid from others because it was too much. I was too much, you were too much, I suppose we both were.

    When we visualize who you are one year from now, 5, 10, 20 and onward I see, I see the same glorious smile that is my very essence. That smile that I dimmed now comes freely from my soul, no longer restrained by the noise of the unknowing world.

    You are so beautiful, you have always been, you didn’t look like others and again you dimmed. I teeter totter between who I am to become, who I once was, who I never had the chance to be and who I am now. I teeter with gratitude because we have come so very far.

    Grab hold of my untamed hair that I no longer wear like a clone of others for acceptance. Use it as ropes, wrap them about your fingers trust in the strength of who we are. I’ve got you little one. You are safe you are loved. We are whole.

    The woman I envision is always our home, she is our compass, we keep going forward as we have with the resiliency found within our pain. The pain that both haunted and hunted us is the catalyst to this woman we are integrating with. Such a glorious feeling to feel at home in who we are.

    I see you looking back at me now and who I once was, I see you watching us and encouraging us with your tempting of dreams. The dreams I now see so clearly are to be my reality. You knew we would write all those books, but of course you did! You are the one that scribed the words in our soul. We have several sanctuaries around the world for people like us who just want to come back home, home to themselves. We travel quite often and sometimes Madison visits with friends and eventually my grandchildren. I always believed in you, even when you didn’t at one time, I believed in you.

    We are all united as one because who I once was is now who I speak to and who I am to become is who is guiding me along. We are one.

    With all that you did not receive when young and with all that you have accomplished in life, I want you to know you will always be inspiring to all three of us, but you end up inspiring the world that they indeed can heal, they just have to want to.

    I love you so very much and I know you have waited so many years to be told that by me, but I do, I truly love you and I forgive all of us.


    PS… You were right about curing MS, it is indeed the central nervous system, your theory of getting to the core trauma and healing it will eliminate the disease, so proud of you.

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