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    Shimmer and Shine

    Pure determination and new promises packed along with
    her black t-shirt that boldly said, “Laugh More, Bitch Less.”
    She was grit, she was fierce.
    She wasn’t afraid to travel in an RV with her new boyfriend,
    landing in Montana mountains as a young black beautiful woman -hiking on flat trails where chokecherries partied near creeks , dealing with strong winds that chapped her cheeks, and witnessing how the snow packed and spread over the land, emphasizing the mountain tops.
    She was cascading to her new dreams, her first brave trip out of the family nest.
    she shimmered, she shined.
    if you were lucky enough to see her smile – unforgettable like Natalee and Nat King Cole singing.
    that is why WHEN she went missing –
    no cellphone life, no social media snapchats, we knew something was wrong .
    So, us, her siblings/besties put on the song Fugees –“ Gonna Find You”
    We went.

    Missing women.
    Missing men.
    Missing kids.

    Pure determination, pure promises.
    Shimmer and Shine.

    Christina Mitma Momono

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