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    little light

    When, oh when
    did I stop smelling your head?
    3 months in
    and my life is already flashing
    in your eyes
    Oh, my little kin-
    it will never be the same
    as it is right now,
    as it is right now

    Why ask why
    when I know you are the answer?
    You give me reason,
    so much joy
    and light
    Oh, sweet child-
    you move me with every smile,
    with every smile

    Your daddy’s son-
    you are the reason
    I fell in love
    Oh, you gentle soul-
    do you even know
    how you’ve rocked my world?
    With the sweetest sound
    I’ve ever heard,
    I’ve ever heard

    My little me,
    may you always know
    the joy you bring
    Oh, how I dreamed of you,
    I dreamed of you

    to you,
    my little light
    Tomorrow you will light the world
    You will light the world.


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