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    A road not taken yet

    My childhood dream was to grow up and be a comedian. It all started when I was in the eighth grade when I had to give a book report in front of the whole class. I was nervous about getting up and speaking in front of the entire class. I was about halfway through my presentation, and I said something that was accidentally funny. The whole class started laughing and I just went with it and started to be funny on purpose. Soon had them in the palm of my hand. It was such a great feeling to be able to think of something funny off the top of my head and get a laugh. I though it would be great if I could do it for a living.

    The next year was my first year of high school. It was a little bit intimidating to be in classes with a whole bunch of new kids. I learned to pick my spots and find the teachers that would appreciate a little bit of humour. I found it helped to pick a class where I was doing very well as the teachers wouldn’t get as angry at the better students for making the class laugh. By the way I know most of you spell humour without the “U” since these incidents took place in Canada, I’m adding the “U” since that’s the way it’s spelled there.

    By my junior year I found there were some teachers that didn’t like my antics. I also found the class enjoyed that even more. One time my computer teacher even sent me down to the office. The vice-principal looked at my grades and sort of laughed it off. He told me kids with my grades aren’t usually sent to the office and that I should try to take it easy on my teacher. My home room teacher who was also my math teacher took a dislike to me. I was often just getting into class as the morning bell rung or a few seconds after but before the national anthem was started. It got to the point where he would wait by the door if the bell rung before I got in the class he would lock me out of the room. He would mark me late for class even if I was only steps from the door when the bell started to ring and would have been in class before it finished ringing. I would then have to stand out in the hall to listen to morning announcements and the national anthem. When he finally let me in class he would then ask me why I was late. The first time this happened I told him my toast got stuck in the toaster and it took a while to get it out. The class laughed when I said that much to his dismay. However, one time I took it a bit far. I said was late because I was walking by his house, and I saw the mailman go to his house ring the doorbell. His wife opened the day and let him in. I said I stood there a while trying to figure out what was going on as he didn’t come back out. Eventually just left and continued to school because I didn’t want to be late for class. The class roared at that one and I knew he wasn’t pleased. He stopped asking me for excuses after that day. Later in the term I had come up with a math theorem that I gave to him. It was unrelated to what we were studying. He was a little surprised and did a proof to show it was true. I think I might have won him over because it was pretty cool, and he showed the class how he proved it was true the next day.

    That year in English class my teacher also had a disdain for me. I think it was because I played football and basketball and he didn’t like my clownish attitude. At the end of the semester, he was going to make me write the final exam. The final was optional for students that had a passing mark in the class. I asked him why I had to write it since I had a passing grade. He told me since I missed a test to go with the basketball team to Florida over Christmas to play some exhibition games that my grade was incomplete. I mean who schedules attest on the last day of classes before Christmas break anyway? He said I should have asked to make it up by reading an extra novel during the semester and doing an essay on it. Now this was the afternoon of third last day of the semester and I asked him if I could just read an extra book that night and hand in the essay the next day. He laughed at that and really? I said yes I was serious so he told me I could do it expecting it to be impossible. During the year we had a choice of 5 books to read and do essays on just so the whole class wasn’t forced to read the same book. I picked out one of the those that I hadn’t read and went home and did nothing but read until I was done. I’m a fast reader so I was done the 200 plus pages by 9:00 that night. I then wrote my essay before bed and handed it in the next day. He gave me an A on it. I had heard through the grapevine that he told his next class the previous day that some idiot in the last class had asked to read a book and write an essay overnight. I think I finally won him over after doing it and doing it well.

    My senior year I had the same teachers for English and Math again but they both loved me that year. I was surprised at the turnaround from the previous year. In English class we did a section on impromptu speeches. The idea was you were given a topic and had 1 minute before you had to give a 3-minute speech on the topic. The topics were basic. An example topic would be “Are dogs or cats better” or “You load 16 tons. What do you get?” When it was my turn the teacher said you have one minute to prepare and I said “I don’t need anytime”. I would just go into my speech which was essentially a standup performance. I would have the whole class laughing. I was so good they asked me to do another one when everyone was done doing one. I remember in one of them I grabbed a piece of chalk and started writing diagrams on the chalkboard to back up the nonsense I was saying. The next semester I was done with English but this teacher that had disliked me the year before told his class just how good I was at impromptu speeches. He asked my French teacher if I could be dismissed from class for a few minutes to come and do a speech for his class. Prior to that his class spent some time trying to find a topic that would stump me. They gave me the topic and once again I immediately went into a speech that lasted 5 minutes and ended with a standing ovation.

    At the end of my senior year, I was elected class clown by my classmates. When it came time to choose what to do after high school, I decided to go to university to study math and computers. It seemed the wiser choice than comedy since I had excellent math marks. I’ll always wonder how things would have worked out if I took the road less traveled. I found the workload in university didn’t leave time for much comedy nor would the professors appreciate it during lectures. However, there was one semester where a friend of my older brother from back home was also in town at another university playing basketball. He was into professional wrestling and making videos. Since I lifted weight often I looked like I could be a wrestler so he asked me to be in his videos. I brought some humour to the project. We made over about 2 dozen 15 minute episodes. I played about 10 different characters. Our videos were very well received. People that didn’t like wrestling found them funny. I found that making them was great stress relief and the fact that people liked them so much made it more worthwhile. Had YouTube been a thing back then maybe I would have been successful in comedy after all.

    One night while in university after a night out I had stopped in at Denny’s for a late nigh bite to eat. I ran into a guy that was in my grade 12 math class. He told me he was a stand-up comic. In his act he told the audience the stories about me being late for class and the excuses I would come up with. Apparently, the audience really liked my jokes. Maybe that was a sign that I should have gone with comedy instead of Math. I have worked in the IT field now for 32 years and soon my career in IT will be ending. I have been trying to figure out what to do with my time. Maybe in retirement I’ll come up with a way to make people laugh again. The way things are going these days I think everyone could use a good laugh.

    For anyone curious about those old wrestling videos from back in 1986 there is a match I uploaded to YouTube a few years ago. However, I don’t know how to post a link to them on YouTube in this letter. To watch it just copy and paste the following into your favorite internet browser or search engine to find it: “complete 1986 title match igwf”

    I also posted another one for anyone reading this is interested in watching it. The backstory is we were looking for silly products to use for commercials in our videos. We searched the stores and came up empty but when we got back to my friend’s house, I found his roommate had a can of something called Carnation Creamed Salmon with Peas in the cupboard. This was exactly what I had been searching for. Playing a character called the Sheik I promoted eating this at a strange time of day for such a product. In the video I pretty much just read the product label and to many people it was comedy gold. To find it copy and paste the following into your search engine: IGWF wrestlers do commercials for carnation products”

    I am not sure if these clips aged well but if you took the time to find the videos let me know what you thought by replying to my letter.

    B.S. Bundy
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