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    Happiness 😊

    When you think Happiness — What do you see ?

    For me — Happiness is a lot of different things

    Like finding banana bread in my car from last night

    & realizing — hey cool — now I have a midday snack 😋

    Happiness is noticing I put my keys on the hook

    & the following day not having to run around like a chicken without a head — while I desperately look

    Happiness is the days — I wake up to a clean room

    & the days my son gets ready — without step by step instruction — on what he needs to do

    Happiness is his comical personality —
    a free in house comedian — just for mommy

    He still cost me a fortune — but that’s ok
    Mommy thinks he’s worth it

    Happiness is arriving to my destination on time

    Or watching the kids playing soccer outside

    Happiness is a mani pedi night
    & tik tok time with my beautiful niece

    Happiness is watching lifetime movies
    with my mom — (even tho they traumatize me)

    — Or her guilt-fully admitting to me
    she gave a stranger — a good chunk of money

    Happiness looks different for everybody

    Some ppl think happiness is only in the future
    While others may only see it in the past

    There’s been times — I’ve been both those people
    but I no longer wanna be like that

    I feel the sooner we learn to release the idea of happiness being anywhere but now

    The sooner we unlock the chains — that have held us hostage

    & blinded us from the blessings — we currently
    have right now

    So I look around at my now — and I think about all the things I currently have — that make me happy

    & suddenly the things I don’t yet have — start to slip my mind

    Not because I don’t want them anymore
    but because obsessing over it — is unhealthy

    So just incase I start to forget my blessings
    I jot them down to revisit them

    & I remind myself that happiness is not a perfect situation or timeframe

    Happiness is a way of liven

    So I try to be happy —
    minute by minute — hour by hour — day by day
    if I have to

    Until happy moments
    turn into happy days again

    Ik it’s easier said than done
    — I also struggle with it

    Some situations make it hard to live happy each moment

    — like a sudden loss or separation
    Or being in an abusive relationship

    Identity theft — sudden illnesses — You name it

    But I spent a lot of years of life carrying the weight of burdens that weren’t mine to carry

    Not because these things didn’t happen to me
    — Because they did

    But because I tried to control things that were out of my control — instead of letting go

    Letting go is hard — I know

    But it’s freeing 🦅

    So I put my worries up on a shelf — let them worry about themselves

    — & redirect my focus to something else

    Like listening to my brother telling me — he successfully completed a mission

    Wether I’d be — home remodeling
    or that he recently replaced a transmission

    I don’t understand what he says to me half the time but I’m happy to listen

    Happiness is the sun setting in in front my eyes
    or in my cars — rear view mirror

    Happiness is — long curly hair & colored eyes
    on that one stranger — who helped me heal

    Happiness is my sitter & I playing rumikub
    Or my sons sister finally telling me — I love you too

    Happiness is watching a father interact w his son
    & heal the inner child in him — that never had one

    Happiness is the smile I see on my granny — while giving her a gel mani

    Even more so — watching her regain her strength after amputation — & learning how to walk again w her prosthetic

    Happiness is — my friends famous enchiladas
    Her venting to me — all pissed off
    Or us having a self care day — with an amazing massage

    Happiness is a good talk with a stranger
    Or a God answered prayer

    At times — happiness is receiving peace
    in exchange for the ones — unanswered

    Happiness is changing the situation when it no longer makes you happy

    Or changing your perspective on it
    — if that’s not an option

    Happiness is listening to
    (Reckless love)

    Or finding a safe place to express myself & my feelings like — theunsealed.com

    Happiness sometimes means to hold on

    While other times happinesss means to let go

    Happiness may look different for everyone else tho

    This is just some of my happiness
    summarized into a short little poem 💙


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    • I love how expansive this poem is! It’s obvious you really put a lot of effort and love into this poem and I feel like you were telling a story. The humour made this feel very personal 🙂

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