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    It’s easy — isn’t it
    To look back on our life & remember all the worst
    All the worst times of our life that always seem to come first

    Like the first time — I experienced racism
    The first time — I experienced bullying

    The first time — my love was used against me
    Or the first time — my heart was broken

    There was a lot of first of “THE WORST”
    But likewise — there were many first of the best

    Like the first time — I got the job I really wanted
    Or the first time — I graduated

    Or the time I won my first real fight with ease
    Or the first time a family member came home from jail surprising me

    There’s been a lot of good moments
    but I seem to have forgotten a lot of them

    I’m doing my best now — to live in the present moment
    —To soak it all in

    Cause I know there is so much to be grateful for
    —There’s always been

    Like my mom choosing peace & safety over toxicity — for her children

    No matter what — she never let fear stop her

    She was unbelievable
    She was unstoppable

    She did the best she could with the hand she was dealt

    Like getting that job that not only paid the bills
    but also provided us with a warm free house

    Or that one time she pointed out to her lawyer — how she was wrong

    That was only one of the many steps she took — to obtain our freedom

    I still remember the first time she met my little boyfriend

    She offered to give us some money
    —then suggested we go to Barnes & Noble
    to drink some coffee

    At the time it was so embarrassing—
    But looking back now— She’s so funny
    We were like 14 — Not 40

    I still remember — I tried to avoid repeating history
    but somehow history didn’t escape me

    One day — I had to text my mom discreetly
    I asked her to please come save me

    I won’t go into detail — but that day she rescued me from hell

    I remember the times my brother and I would go skating

    Or this one time we decided to try out this game — where he had to try to make me pass out

    & it actually worked — he did

    Except I think he thought he killed me
    I don’t know — but that shit is funny

    Some of them were good memories
    & some were bittersweet

    I wish I could remember them all
    but disassociation got the best of me

    So here’s a few more that easily come to mind

    Like when my first love never made me feel pressured
    — Simply loved

    Or when my second one spoke a prayer over me
    That felt majestic & empowering
    — Like freedom

    Or when my friends and I thought we were cute — walking around the east side

    Just waiting on the cute boys to drive by and say hi

    Haha— those sure were the good times.

    Then there was that time an important figure in my life somehow ended up in jail
    Managed to post bail & still make it back in time to my baby shower

    Or when that amazing teacher who quickly became family
    Went out of her way to pick me up for school daily

    Or when another amazing teacher who often went above and beyond

    Was touched by some writing assignment I did
    & surprised me with an unexpected gift

    So yeah—

    It is easy to remember all the worst — but there is also so much to be grateful for

    I’m grateful for every glimpse of heaven I’ve ever received

    I’m grateful for a badass mom & her vision to always
    Push forward & succeed

    I’m grateful for the village that helped raise me

    I’m grateful for any friend who served a purpose in my life
    Even if at some point — our lives no longer aligned

    I’m still grateful for the good times & the memories left behind

    I’m grateful for the short-lived respect & pure love I received —from my first love
    My impossible baby

    I’m grateful for the amazing son — my second one gave me

    There is so much more to be grateful for
    even from all the worst that were followed by the best

    Or I don’t know — maybe fue al revés

    Either way— I thank you God — My best friend

    May I always be able to shine the light on the better side of perspective

    May I continue to be able to see all the good that still lives within the broken world we currently live in

    May we not only see the trauma we’ve endured through our struggling

    But the perseverance & resilience we received simultaneously

    So for both the good & the bad

    I gotta be grateful for it all — and I am


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    • You have been through so much in your life, and yet your heart is still so warm and loving. That is a gift to yourself and to those around you. While you are grateful for the good and bad, always be most grateful for you. Thank you for sharing and thank you for being part of our family. <3 Lauren

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    • Dear Beyond Me,
      Your words are so powerful. You have had a challenging yet good life and your Mom sounds amazing. Continue to be blessed and grateful!


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    • Dear Beyond Me,
      Bravo! This poem reminded me of Faiz “My heart, my traveler” and especially of the line “I would gladly welcome death if it were to come but once,” You’re so talented ! Can’t wait to see mroe of your work!

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