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    Being The Help I Once Needed...

    Dear Unsealers,

    Over the past two years, on the first of every month, I’ve made it a habit to carry 10+ envelopes in my purse. Each envelope stuffed with prayers and a gift card, intended for random single mothers I encounter while running errands or out on the town. These prayers are meant to provide them with encouragement and hope, assuring them that brighter days lie ahead if they just keep their faith. There’s also a prayer for them to find a trustworthy companion who will love, honor, and become a wonderful addition to their family (the hopeless romantic in me!).

    The gift cards, usually valued at $25 and sometimes even $50 when I can, are meant to assist with any expenses or needs they may have. While it may not seem like a lot of money, I can attest from my own personal experience as a single mom that it can help. See, there were times when extreme hardship was no stranger to me, so I know that $25 can make a significant difference and offer the break someone may desperately need. These gift cards can be utilized for various purposes, such as gas, food, toiletries, school fees for their children, toilet paper, laundry detergent, or simply to help them get by until their next paycheck (ask me how I know!).

    Often, these are items that many of us take for granted, oblivious to how scarce they can be for others. Having been in their shoes, I understand the struggles and hardships of single mothers. As an etiquette consultant, I firmly believe in the significance of extending compassion and courtesy to others – that is my mission. That is why I made a vow that as soon as I achieved greater financial stability, to extend help to single mothers facing the same challenges I once had.

    As part of The Unsealed’s Empowered Women letter project, my hope is that my story empowers others to lend a hand to single mothers they may know or even those they don’t. The challenges faced by single mothers surpass what I could have ever written in this short letter, but it is important to realize that by assisting the mothers, you are making a great impact on their children’s lives as well.

    May you be blessed for your compassionate actions!

    A Message to My Single Mommies:

    Girl, I know it’s tough, but hang in there and do not give up! Through prayer, meditation, and a good darn therapist you will make it. I understand that not every single mother’s challenges are related to finances, that just so happens to be my experience. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that getting with good support groups to connect with other women who share your story can provide you with a sense of ease. It could be very therapeutic, and something as simple as non-communication may forfeit us a great deal of peace. Talk through it; it helps more than you know!

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    • Tonight was phenomenal! Thanks again for sharing your story. Inspired me so much I just submitted a writing piece of my own. You are doing a great thing and none of it was in vain! I pray that I will have the same success story to share of overcoming and being able to also encourage, inspire, and empower others. You may enjoy the writing piece I wrote about parenting challenges. Feel free to share your thoughts. Be blessed.

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