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    Dear Leah

    You don’t know me yet but you and I are very close. You think you know it all and that you have life figured out……. And I hate to burst your bubble but you really don’t. Like at all. But You have a good head on your shoulders though. I just need you to trust yourself more. I know you’re probably thinking what the hell do I know about you but truth is: I am You but grown up. There are so many things I wish you knew. But everything still works out. The main thing I want you to know or take away from this letter is to trust your power and stop letting the words and opinions of others (no matter how important they may seem to you) define or change who you are.

    You’re a big dreamer with a big heart. You are more than what you think of yourself. You are not an unlovable failure who is an idiot. Please speak better to yourself! Just because no one says it often doesn’t mean you aren’t loved. Be secure in your authentic self. I know the pain you hide behind every smile and the genuine self hate you have with every joke you make
    about yourself. Your jokes aren’t even funny they’re actually sad because why would you say those things about yourself?

    You call yourself all the wrong names and you answer to all the wrong names. To be honest you don’t even like being called Leah unless you’re blood related to someone when you’re older. You don’t need the approval you keep seeking from people. You are already valid. Yes, I know it would be nice to have someone validate you with kind words and gestures but hey play the cards you are dealt.

    Girl , I wish you understood and knew your strength. Like girl you are resilient as fuck.
    A true gem. The darkness you hold inside of you now; we learn to control. Even though it pains you don’t regret the heart you have. It comes in handy. Stop hating yourself please. So many blessings are being blocked for me because of the words you’ve sown. Yes we were ignorant but words have a lot of power.

    Also, PUT THE KNIFE DOWN! Stop cutting yourself. Depression cannot keep winning. Life is so much more beautiful than you can imagine. You are not worthless and you deserve to live just as much as anyone else. I know you feel numb most days or you have to put on a mask but it’s nothing to kill your self over. You actually survive worse mental places in life. But I get it though. You just trying to feel and because you’re used to emotional pain; you inflicted physical pain.
    I know you feel like I’m attacking you but you need to hear this. You’re not the victim you think you are. You are the conqueror. Everything that has ever happened to you is my villain origin story. I mean that in a good way. We learn to set boundaries in our late 20s and become villains to the people who tried to break us.

    I just really wish you loved yourself enough as a teenager to see how truly great you are. Like girl you are the bees knees. Not the red thing around the bologna. Love yourself first so the world and people won’t chew you up and spit you out or simply toss you to the side. You are beautiful, intelligent and loved. It’s crazy how you pour love into to everyone else but you.

    Seriously you are constantly calling yourself ugly and avoiding the mirror. You hate your body and it’s fine. You’re not the ugly duckling you were just born a swan. Your intelligence and body what makes you. It’s your heart. All the trauma you have suffered so far is not in vain. I just need you to love yourself through that pain. Like we end up becoming a mother. You literally have a daughter who adores you and is twice as stubborn as you are. We have to love ourself because she is a sponge and she soaks up everything we teach her whether it’s intentional or unintentional. I need you to love yourself because we struggle as an adult. And having a kid didn’t make it easier but it’s motivation. She needs to see a confident woman who loves herself and understands her value and you are her first teacher.

    So love yourself kid because I love you! I’m proud of you and you actually don’t do to bad in life because you learn the importance of perspective. Plus nobody really warned or prepared us for how expensive being an adult is but we are managing. So if you see our kindergarten self tell her that she should have saved all those dollars we spent when we were her age.

    As you can see our humor will always be intact. Lol

    I love you Leah or shall I say Dee. That’s who we like to be called and we add pretty in front for a little razzle dazzle.

    I LOVE YOU !! And I appreciate all that you are.

    Pretty Dee

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    • Hi Dee,
      I remember that pain of feeling ugly. As one of the few kids in school with curly hair I hated it so much the teasing and wanting to be someone with straight hair it wasn’t fun. I never felt bad enough to cut myself, but sometimes I felt like I was on the edge of going there. It’s the worst feeling ever and I learned to ignore the comments. I’m sorry your teenage self felt like it was the only option, but I am glad your here and doing well. I really like the picture you included of yourself being happy. I hope you continue to be happy.

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      • Awww thank you so much! I’m just now learning how to be happy and what happiness looks like. Being a teenager is not easy and I just hope my story will inspire others!

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        • Aww Dee, this is really powerful. I love this line, “We learn to set boundaries in our late 20s and become villains to the people who tried to break us.” I am so sorry for the struggles your teenage self faced. But look at you. You are strong. And I am so glad you see that and you see how amazing you and your heart are. Also, my hebrew name is Leah :). You are such a shining star. So glad you are part of The Unsealed. <3 Lauren


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