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    Letter from my future self...

    Hey dear me from five years ago,
    I am writing you this letter to thank you and tell you how grateful I am for the fact that you NEVER GAVE UP! …that you always believed in your dreams and that you kept your faith!
    Today I have become your best version. Today I am happier than I have ever been. I have everything I ever wanted and I am living the life of my dreams.
    Do you remember that day when I felt stuck, when I struggled for my money, when I barely made my ends meet, when I didn’t know what to decide about my job and when I felt that I wanted more, that I was meant to do more with my life?
    Remember how every morning when I was going down the street towards my office I looked at that building on the seashore and dreamt that one day there would be my translations office?
    So hear this, it did happen! That exact day, when I felt so lost, I received an email from a company that proposed me a very good job offer. They sent me lots of very well-paid translation projects. In fact, in a few months, they have started to send me so many projects, that I couldn’t handle it. I was working day and night. In the morning I was working in the office at my job and then at home, I was doing translations. Because I became so overwhelmed, although I needed the money, one day I asked a friend to work with me and to split the money. It seemed the best thing to do. That was the moment when my business started to come close to reality. With her help, we could manage to do all the projects on time, we received lots of other offers and we made lots of money.
    One day I came across a neighbor of mine, that was working for the owners of the building in front of my work office. And he told me that the space for rent I wanted, is free. And that it was also pretty cheap. In that moment, I thought that this was my sign. The Universe has worked for me! So I went and rent it that day.
    I didn’t know back then how I would manage things, because the idea of quitting my permanent job had always frightened me, but I knew that I could do it. I have always thought that “everything happens for a reason” so I trusted my gut.
    And I won!
    Today I live the life of my dreams. My translations company is one of the biggest and most famous company in my country. I have so far, five specialized translators employed and a wonderful office, on the upper floor of that building on the seashore. Every morning I drink my coffee on that balcony, watching the sea and thanking God for every second that I am living. Moreover, now I have the time to write my books and I am very happy. I have already published two and when I see them on the shelves in every bookshop, I can’t explain how fulfilled and grateful I feel.
    I also left my mother’s house, and I bought the exact apartment I always dreamt of, the one in the picture of my bedroom wall, from that block on the seaside and I live there with my kids and…you wouldn’t believe me if I tell you that…. with my soulmate, also.
    Yes, we are finally a couple, as I have always believed we would be. One day, when he returned home from his first contract in Congo, he came to me and confess that the time he spent there made him realize that I was his one and true love. And from that day on, we are inseparable. We have always believed in each other, we both achieved our goals, we support and encourage each other every day. He managed to develop his business, from his coffee van, now he owns a wonderful and famous café and moreover, last year he opened his Scuba diving Center, his life dream.
    So my dear and loved one, what I understood all these years is that the Universe can really offer you everything you dream of, if you keep believing and trust it!
    I did it and I won! And I am so grateful for all the times that I never lost my hope and my delusional trust that I would come to live this life one day.
    I am living it! …and I love every second of it!
    So thank you so much!!

    Love, Alina
    10th of September 2028

    Alina Munteanu

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