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    In My Elderly Years

    When I am elderly I will bake my mothers famous pannukakku recipe and give out maple syrup treats to the neighborhood children.
    I will wipe my brow before I start cooking and the room will smell of sweet cinnamon and lavender.
    There will be no need for wine in my cupboard because those youthful days have passed. Buttercups and lilacs will grow like weeds in my yard and people will stop their cars to stare at my wild yet lively garden.
    I will remember my grandmother’s home and her wild stack of books and follow her path of reading till the night comes.
    When I am old I will finally have an old soul and people will look to me for my wisdom which I would hand out like candy.
    My scars will fade and my music tastes will be old. I’d have the funniest laugh and people will remember me as the sweet old lady with a funny chuckle.
    I’d laugh over the smallest things.
    I’d remember love that came and went and keep the memories like lockets in my heart.
    I will eventually go but i’d have a life well lived and that is something to look forward to and not fret about.

    Alexis Tolkkinen

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