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    The almighty creator who can do no wrong and across all doctrines
    speaks of mercy, peace, and humility.
    What kind of benevolent God would sanction this?

    Did God tell you to murder babies in their sleep?
    Incinerating incubators
    Massacre lives that have yet to begin
    while mothers hold their dead children
    Feeling like failures for not being able to protect them
    from a fight they never even asked to join?
    Did God tell you to
    plant an air strike against a hospital of the weak, and sick who are already fighting
    death long enough to see the sunrise tomorrow?
    Did God ask for any of this?
    Or maybe you don’t really mean the version of ‘God’ you claim lives in the sky
    and you secretly mean yourselves?

    Governing entities gone mad with power
    corrupted by corporate greed and claims to land that existed for centuries before a single person propagating or being subjected to this conflict were even an inkling of a thought.
    Religion has become so embedded in the framework
    of our governments that they’ve twisted the script,
    used the Bible as a liability
    and manipulated every single one of us
    into thinking that the circle of men pulling strings
    behind comfortably closed closets are God.

    They don’t want you to pray for your own well-being
    They want you to praise them
    And think that continuing to behave as pasteurized cattle will help you fulfill God’s will
    When in reality, you’re just giving them what they want.
    More power
    More control
    More land.
    If we don’t stop them here,
    they will keep going.
    Ravage every corner of this Earth
    claiming to create the promise land
    but the only thing that will be promised
    is their claim to even more land.

    How many more cultures have to be eradicated before you finally believe
    what is happening on every one of our phone screens?
    Of course we can deny confidence in the death toll of people we don’t even see as human beings.
    What makes you feel they are any less human than me
    or your own mother?
    Because they were born on the ‘wrong’ side of a border?
    Was that god’s mistake?
    Is it because their family’s family picked the ‘wrong’ religion to follow?
    Was that god’s mistake?
    But oh no, I thought God didn’t make any mistakes????
    So please,
    tell me when you’re ready to admit if whether this is really God or have you been using him as an excuse?
    We all know what true
    but real change won’t come until you acknowledge this. #freepalestine


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    • Alacia, What is going on in the Middle East is incredibly heartbreaking. 41 percent of people in Palestine are under 14, and more than 52 percent are under 18. The median age of the people in Israel is 29 and a third of its population is under 18.

      The reality is none of the people dying and suffering from these problems we are facing today caused this. It started long before any of us were born. And most of the people dying or suffering are not the ones who perpetuated this problem. I am with you praying for peace, hope, and safety for all people. Sending you a big hug. <3 Lauren

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