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    19 days (No Contact)

    Often taken for granted
    It always manages to pass us by
    So when you could days without talking to me
    I was always understanding and always on your side

    I neglected both my heart and my emotional intelligence
    Because love can make us blind, but I was never fully lost
    Part of me could still decipher your lies from the truth
    And finally, the butterflies in my stomach turned to moths

    What happens when the tick is no longer followed by the tock
    Leaving the clock’s hands lost and misguided
    But who is to blame? You? Me?
    Or is it the universe itself that is at fault?

    19 days
    I rewrote the script in an attempt to become you
    But the difference between us never fully allowed me
    Unlike you, my heart was pure and my love was real
    So I struggled portraying your character
    Because I’m not a thief, I wasn’t meant to steal

    19 days
    I tried and tried to treat you the way you treated me
    But the more I tried, the more I began to think
    The more I thought, the more aware I became
    You saw me as nothing more
    Than just a pawn in your game

    19 days
    God knows that it wasn’t easy
    For me, every single day was painful
    I cried so much at first
    What I had started out of spite
    Only began to hurt me worse

    19 days
    People often say time knows no end
    But for us, it did
    Those 19 long days, I was slowly closing the curtains
    Marking the beginning of something beautiful
    A brand new chapter
    Allowing me to transcend

    Aiyanna Jones

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    • Aww Aiyanna, I have soooo been there. One day at a time. Each day will get a little easier. Just never ever compromise your standard. You are wonderful and you should be treated as such. Keep marching forward. Hold your head high. And on to the next (as I would tell myself). <3 Lauren

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    • Wow, this was deep and made me reflect back on some experiences in my life. The line of having butterflies turn into moths was great! Love this piece, it makes you think.

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      • Thank you so so much! I wrote this piece about leaving an unhealthy situationship that I felt stuck in for quite some time. I am so glad that you loved it. <3

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